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11th November 2018 – 100 years on

On 11th November 2018 the Remembrance Day Service was held in the church on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the armistice in 1918.  The church was full with over 100 people present with their ages ranging from just a few days to the 90s.  A wreath was laid at the memorial commemorating the five men from Plymtree who died in the two world wars.  The names of all those from Plymtree who are known to have served in the Great War were read out, 48 including the three who died.  Their names are listed below.

The service included the lighting of the Remembrance candle which has been lit every month in church since the centenary of the outbreak of war.  A recording of a broadcast by Michael Morpurgo entitled “The Road to Peace” was played and the service ended with the singing of the Peace Version of the National Anthem as sung locally in 1918.

There was a display of memorabilia in church – some images are also below, including silhouettes from the “There but not there” project.

A record of Plymtree throughout the Great War, as recorded at the time, has been included in the Parish magazine every month for the last four and a half years.  You can find the reports here.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them


There were three men of Plymtree who died in service during World War 1:

Samuel Bird
Royal Field ArtilleryDied 22 August 1918, aged 40
Albert GrabhamDurham Light InfantryDied 10 January 1918, aged 20
Frederick StilingGunner, Royal ArtilleryDied 6 June 1918, aged 24

The following men were recorded in the Plymtree Magazine and were invited to a Peace Supper in the wagon shed at Greenend on 10th October 1919 to welcome them home and to thank them for their services.

Beer, C E2nd Devons
Clarke, F BNorth Somerset Yeomanry
Classey, GEssex Regt
Cosway, W9th Lancers
Ellicott, W HWorcester Regt. LC
Farnell, F VRoyal Engineers
Ford, JMilitary Mounted Police
Franklin, W BMotor Transport
Gale, W5th Devons
Glanville, AlfredRoyal Engineers
Glanville, Arthur4th Devons
Holcombe, A JLancashire Fusiliers
Hunt, LRoyal Navy Air Service
Hussey, Frederick JMachine Gun Corps
James, L AKing’s Royal Rifles
Jarvis, Thomas ChurchillRoyal Engineers
Kellaway, WArmy Service Corps
Knight, EDuke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Knight, F RRoyal Engineers
Leaworthy, FRoyal Garrison Artillery
Manley, WRoyal Engineers
Pearcey, HRoyal Engineers
Pine, AWessex Field Ambulance
Pratt, WRoyal Engineers
Prouse, ArthurColdstreams
Prouse, HArmy Service Corps
Robinson, E J6th Devons
Rowsell, R GLabour Corps
Sanders, WDorsets
Squire, C R4th Devons
Squire, W SRoyal Marine Artillery
Summers, T HArmy Service Corps
Widgery, GMachine Gun Guards
Widgery, T HMachine Gun Corps
Wyatt, PR A S, (Royal Army Service)

Also known to have served are:
John (Jack) Clapp, Royal Navy, Seaman HMS Donegal
Tom Cross, Royal Navy
Wilfred Cross, Devonshire Regiment 4th Battalion
Alfred George Franks, Royal Navy
Harry Glanville, Devon Regiment 13th Battalion
A Harris, Royal Field Artillery
Captain MPR Oakes, 5th Royal Irish Lancers
Percy Prouse, Machine Gun Corps
Frank Salter, 2/5th Welsh Regiment