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March Newsletter

Plymtree Country Fayre & Horse Show

This month, we are issuing an appeal for help to save the Horse Show part of the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show, so please read on and help if you can….

For 25 years, Pat Williams has (tirelessly and with great dedication) led the organization of the Horse Show. In this, he has had a great deal of help from many others but he has been the driving force on the Organising Committee and we have come to rely on him completely.

After 2019, however, Pat has decided that he needs a rest and sadly, we do not have anyone else on the Committee with the expertise to take over. As a result, we urgently need someone (or a dedicated few) to take on this vital part of our August Bank Holiday celebration of village and country life. In his inimitable style. Pat has left a veritable manual of instructions for whoever takes over and much of the regular organization rolls over without too much work. What we do need, however, is someone who understands horse shows (and the Horse Show community) to act as organizer on the day of the event (this is a very busy and full day.…).

As you all know, the Horse Show is very well attended with people coming long distances to compete. We are not, at present, able to continue with jumping events as jump hire/management has become almost impossible within our current budget, but a new leader may be able to reverse this if he/she has contacts and interest.

It would be good to have someone in place before the Horse show this year as shadowing Pat would be a valuable learning experience. If anyone has even the smallest interest in helping to keep the Horse Show going (and don’t forget it helps to give a large donation to Riding for the Disabled each year), please contact me or Pat for a chat.

Finally, although Pat will continue to be involved with the Fayre and Horse Show for a while yet, I would like, on behalf of the Organising Committee past and present, to thank him and his colleagues for working so hard for so long to make the Horse Show such an important and successful part of the Village year. Now you can have a chance to come to the Fayre, spend some money and (hopefully) watch the Horse Show whilst relaxing!

I hope to have some positive news for the next Parish News; until then, enjoy the Spring!

Michael Gammage, for the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show Organising Committee