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Parish Council Minutes 7 May 2019


Draft minutes of meeting held on 7th May 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Vestry Room.

Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), R Tift (RT), A Cook (AC), J Penman (JP), A Stride (AS), S Martin (SM), S Stephens (SS), J Franklyn (JF, Clerk)

26a/19 Cllr Robinson was elected Chairman unanimously (as proposed by AC, seconded by RT)

26b/19 Chairman’s acceptance was received from IR and the newly elected councillors (all elected unopposed) welcomed.

26c/19 The following positions of responsibility were appointed unanimously:

Vice chairman: J Penman, RFO: R Tift, Church House charities rep.: A Cook, Highways and infrastructure: R Tift, Footpaths: A Stride, Village Hall committee rep.: S Martin, website and IT: J Penman (supported by I Robinson), Section 106 monies: S Stephens

27a/19 Apologies: None received

27b/19 Declarations of Interest & Prejudice: None declared

Meeting suspended to allow public questions and receipt of reports.

27c/19 Reports from representatives of Police, EDDC, DCC: No reports were received.

27d/19 Approval of minutes of meeting of 5th March 2019: The minutes were read, approved and signed as a true and accurate record as proposed by AC, seconded by RT and agreed by all.

28/19 Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None

29/19 Finance:

DALC membership renewal requirement was noted, as was increased cost of dog bin emptying. Discussion followed re the cost effectiveness of renewing DALC membership (at a cost of £141.61 per year); it was agreed this should be discussed again at the next meeting after the PC has examined the DALC website and training courses on offer.

New action: Clerk to add DALC membership to next agenda.

The final accounts for 2018/19 had been circulated before the meeting and were approved by all as signed off by IR and RT.

It was noted that the annual audit process had been indicated by the auditors PKF Littlejohn; this will be pursued by the Clerk and RFO.

The distribution of Precept funds to budget heads for the forthcoming year was discussed and agreed to include £500 allocation to future projects.

Balance of current accounts: Current balances (from 1st April 2019) were checked and agreed as proposed/signed by IR, and RT.

30/19 Section 106 monies:

Action from last meeting: IR and AC to pursue access to Section 106 monies further, to include the possibility (raised by CF in discussion with Sulina Tallack) of creating a deed of variation allowing a modified but related spend beneficial to the village.

AC reported that he had spoken to a local landowner who had agreed in principle to creation of a Deed of Variation as the first step in allowing potential spending of Section 106 monies in a specific project beneficial to the wider village.

New actions: SS to discuss Section 106 monies with Cllr Fayers (now demitted) and then with Sulina Tallack. SM to liaise with Village Hall committee (Sean Parker and Dan McCandlish) to present their project proposal to the PC at its next meeting. This would be a short pitch on their chosen option and amount of funding required.

31/19 P3 activity and monies:

Actions from last meeting: GH to submit the required annual report to DCC reiterating the need for repairs to two bridges on Plymtree footpaths and indicating the recently damaged gate. (Done) AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported.

Cllr Harris (now demitted) had forwarded an email from Ros Davies of DCC indicating that repairs to bridges/gates on footpaths 1 and 7 would soon be carried out, funded from her own budget.

IR reported damage to a footpath sign near Fordmore.

New actions: AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported. IR to forward photograph of damaged footpath sign to AS for forward transmission to Ros Davies for repair/replacement.

32/19 Highways and Road Warden update (RT):

RT reported that further pot holing work would be carried out soon, to include some newly appeared potholes requiring repair.

32/19 Memorial near to Blacksmiths Arms:

Action from last meeting: AC to seek a note of valuation from Ms Langely. (Done)

33/19 Village website.

Action from last meeting: IR to seek quotations from three IT companies re building a new website following input from JP re the required specification.

It was again agreed in principle that work should be carried out to enhance the website, noting that domain and hosting costs had been paid upfront (for the next several years). A discussion ensued as to how this might be achieved in a timely manner. It was agreed that an important first step was creation of the required specification.

New action: All PCs to indicate to SM their “requirements” and/or suggestions for the website.

34/19 Landmark Tree project

The response received was noted indicating that further tree planting has been postponed until the autumn.

35/19 Annual Village Meeting

Arrangements for the meeting on May 15th 7pm Village Hall were discussed and noted by all.

36/19 19 Planning applications:

19/0702/PDQ Danes House Prior approval of change of use to dwellings. Noted that neutral response had been submitted.

37/19 Correspondence: None received

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

Date of next meeting: 2nd July 2019 at 7.30pm. Close of meeting at 9.45 pm.

Further meeting dates for 2019 were noted as follows: September 3rd, and November 5th.