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From Parish Clerk: Jayne Franklyn, The Old Rectory, Plymtree Tel 01884 277963

A meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 7.30pm in the Vestry Room

To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend the above meeting for the transaction of the following business.

A 15 minute period will also be set aside to allow Public Questions and receive reports from Police, DCC and EDDC.  25th June 2019


  1. Apologies for Absence: To receive apologies and to approve reason for absence.
  2. Declaration of Interest: To declare any personal or pecuniary interests on the Agenda and their nature (Councillors with pecuniary interests must leave the room for relevant items).

    Suspend meeting to allow members of the public to participate and to receive reports from representatives of Police, DCC and EDDC
  3. Approval of Minutes of last meetings dated 7th May 2019 and 24th June 2019
  4. Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None.  
  5. Finance: Balance of current accounts
    Action from last meeting. Clerk to add DALC membership to next agenda.
    To note that since the May meeting members of the PC considered the value of DALC membership and conveyed (electronically) a desire to renew for the forthcoming year.

    End of year audit.
  6. Section 106 monies:
    Actions from last meeting:  SS to discuss Section 106 monies with Cllr Fayers (now demitted) and then with Sulina Tallack. SM to liaise with Village Hall committee (Sean Parker and Dan McCandlish) to present their project proposal to the PC at its next meeting. This would be a short pitch on their chosen option and amount of funding required.
  7. P3 activity and monies (AS):
    Actions from last meeting: AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported. IR to forward photograph of damaged footpath sign to AS for forward transmission to Ros Davies for repair/replacement.
  8. Highways and Road Warden update (RT):
  9. Village website:
    Action from last meeting: All PCs to indicate to SM their “requirements” and/or suggestions for the website.
  10. Planning applications:
    19/1010/FUL Land adjacent to Hayne Farmhouse. Erection of a silage clamp.  To note neutral response submitted.
    19/1003/TRE Rectory Oaks. Crown lift of two oaks to 4m above ground. To note neutral response submitted.
    19/1093/TRE Greenend House. Remove dead wood from two oak trees. To note neutral response submitted.
    19/1118/FUL Normans Green House. Removal and replacement of garage. To note neutral response submitted.
    19/0905/LBC The Long House. Creation of wet room, replacement of ground floor flooring, repair to staircase, installation of air vent. To note neutral response submitted.
    19/1268/PDQ Land south of Weaver Barn. Change of use of agricultural building to single dwelling. To note neutral response submitted.
  11. Correspondence: Publication of full minutes in Parish Magazine

    Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.
  12. Date of next meeting: Tuesday September 3rd 2019

    Close of meeting at ………………………………………..