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Weather Report – June 2019

In Plymtree June was generally a very unsettled month. However, having said that the weather did improve during the last week when it turned very warm and even hot during the last few days of the month. Between the 1st and the 24th there were only 3 days when there was no measureable rainfall. The total rainfall I measured for the month was 87.8mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 66.0mm. This means that we received 133% of the Dunkeswell average. The wettest day of the month was the 10th with 31.0mm. Thunder was heard on the 7th.There were 13 rain days (rainfall ≥ 1mm), which compares to an average of 9.2 days for Dunkeswell.The total rainfall for the first 6 months of this year is 360.7mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 488.4mm. This means that we have still only received 74% of the Dunkeswell average for the period January to June this year. The highest temperature I recorded during June was 30.6°C on the 28th. The lowest temperature, 2.7°C was recorded on the 6th. The strongest wind during June occurred during the morning of the 11th when a gust of 31.1mph was recorded.

Mike Ayles