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Parish Council Minutes 2 July 2019


Draft minutes of meeting held on 2nd July 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Vestry Room.

Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), R Tift (RT), A Cook (AC), J Penman (JP), A Stride (AS), S Martin (SM), S Stephens (SS), J Franklyn (JF, Clerk)

41a/19 Apologies: None received

41b/19   Declarations of Interest & Prejudice: None declared. Councillors were reminded to complete their “Registerable Interest” forms and submit to the Clerk for forward transmission to EDDC.

Meeting suspended to allow public questions and receipt of reports.

41c/19   Reports from representatives of Police, EDDC, DCC: No reports were received.

41d/19 Approval of minutes of meeting of 7th May and 24th June 2019: The minutes were read, approved and signed as a true and accurate record as proposed by AC, seconded by AS and agreed by all. It was noted that the Annual Parish Meeting had been held in the Village Hall on May 15th (Chaired by IR) and had included reports from the PC, EDDC and many village groups and organisations.

42/19    Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None

43/19    Finance:

Action from last meeting: Clerk to add DALC membership renewal to next agenda.

It was noted that since the May meeting, members of the PC had considered the value of DALC membership and conveyed (electronically) a desire to renew for the forthcoming year (which had been undertaken).

It was noted that the annual audit process for 2018-19 had been completed and notification of receipt of the PC exemption certificate and related paperwork had been received from PKF Littlejohn.

Balance of current accounts: Current balances (from 1st April 2019) were checked and agreed as proposed/signed by IR, and RT.

44/19    Section 106 monies:

Actions from last meeting: SS to discuss Section 106 monies with Cllr Fayers (now demitted) and then with Sulina Tallack. SM to liaise with Village Hall committee (Sean Parker and Dan McCandlish) to present their project proposal to the PC at its next meeting. This would be a short pitch on their chosen option and amount of funding required.

SS reported that he had discussed outline proposals for spend of the Section 106 monies (namely works to improve the utility of, and access to, the village recreation ground) with Sulina Tallack who in turn had considered the proposals reasonable.

SM had invited Sean Parker and Dan McCandlish to attend the meeting for this agenda item and to outline proposals for the recreation field. These proposals included (i) improving drainage by diversion of that currently running beneath the pavilion and renewal of existing drains below the bank, (ii) improving access by creating a hard surface (e.g. tarmac or concrete) for the parking area, (iii) improving access to the field from the pavilion and parking area by making the existing slope more stable and less steep, (iv) repairing broken gate posts. Upgrading of the pavilion sewage system might be an additional task in due course.

New actions: SS to discuss outline proposals for improving the utility of, and access to, the village recreation ground in more detail with Sulina Tallack. RT to contact DCC Highways department re drainage of water from the highways since this is a principle source of waterlogging (and need for improved drainage). SS to work with Sean Parker to create a draft schedule of works (prior to eventual tender).

45/19     P3 activity and monies:

Actions from last meeting: AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported. IR to forward photograph of damaged footpath sign to AS for forward transmission to Ros Davies for repair/replacement.

AS reported a recent meeting with Ros Davies and new information from her re possible spends of the P3 budget e.g. strimmer training and annual maintenance of the strimmer. AS reported that repairs to damaged footpaths/bridges had been scheduled by DCC. AS reported receiving several complaints by parishioners (also received by the Clerk) re heifers and a bull in a local field traversed by a public footpath being perceived to be dangerous.

New actions: AS to enquire whether Ros Davies is due to provide further strimmer training (JP volunteered to train). AS to pursue the issue of livestock in a field traversed by a public footpath, in the first instance by seeking advice from Ros Davies and by informal discussion with the landowner. AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported previously.

46/19     Highways and Road Warden update (RT):

RT reported that further pot hole repair by the Road Warden volunteers is imminent. It was noted that SS is a certified repairer (as defined by Chapter 8 of the relevant regulations) and should be added to the list of those able to contribute to the Road Warden scheme.

47/19 Village website.

Action from last meeting: All PCs to indicate to SM their “requirements” and/or suggestions for the website.

It was noted that the “new” website is up and running. William Lines had been in dialogue with a village resident who had agreed to create a new “front page”. There would be no payment for this task although a small ex gratia payment may be appropriate in due course. This was judged by all to be a pragmatic way forward given delays in upgrading the website already incurred and the relatively trivial work required which was unlikely to be attractive to a commercial company.

New actions: IR to contact William Lines to indicate agreement of the PC with the outline plans for creation of a new “front page” by a local resident. JP to again contact all relevant village groups to seek information re links needed from the village website, as well as other requirements, and to convey this information to William Lines. IR to write a brief article for the Parish Magazine to outline progress with the village website and to seek submission of attractive photographs for use on the website. IR to consider award of a small prize (e.g. a voucher for the village shop) for the “best” photograph submitted.

48/19 Planning applications:

19/1010/FUL Land adjacent to Hayne Farmhouse. Erection of a silage clamp.  To note neutral response submitted.

19/1003/TRE Rectory Oaks. Crown lift of two oaks to 4m above ground. To note neutral response submitted.

19/1093/TRE Greenend House. Remove dead wood from two oak trees. To note neutral response submitted.

19/1118/FUL Normans Green House. Removal and replacement of garage. To note neutral response submitted.

19/0905/LBC The Long House. Creation of wet room, replacement of ground floor flooring, repair to staircase, installation of air vent. To note neutral response submitted.

19/1268/PDQ Land south of Weaver Barn. Change of use of agricultural building to single dwelling. To note neutral response submitted.

49/19 Correspondence:

It was noted that the Clerk had received a phone call from the distributor of the Parish Magazine who in turn had received a query from a parishioner about potential publication of the full PC minutes in the Magazine.  It was considered appropriate to continue to publish a synopsis of the minutes as at present (to reduce publication costs and to reduce paper consumption), given that full minutes are published promptly on the village website and hard copies pinned to village noticeboards.

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

Date of next meeting: 3rd September 2019 at 7.30pm. Close of meeting at 9.00 pm.

Further meeting dates for 2019 were noted as follows: November 5th.