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Parish Council Agenda for 3 Sep 2019


From Parish Clerk: Jayne Franklyn, The Old Rectory, Plymtree Tel 01884 277963

A meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Vestry Room

To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend the above meeting for the transaction of the following business.

A 15 minute period will also be set aside to allow Public Questions and receive reports from Police, DCC and EDDC.  21st August 2019


  1. Apologies for Absence: To receive apologies and to approve reason for absence.
  2. Declaration of Interest: To declare any personal or pecuniary interests on the Agenda and their nature (Councillors with pecuniary interests must leave the room for relevant items).

Suspend meeting to allow members of the public to participate and to receive reports from representatives of Police, DCC and EDDC

  1. Approval of Minutes of last meetings dated 2nd July 2019
  2. Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None.  
  3. Finance: Balance of current accounts
  4. Section 106 monies:

Actions from last meeting:  SS to discuss outline proposals for improving the utility of, and access to, the village recreation ground in more detail with Sulina Tallack. RT to contact DCC Highways department re drainage of water from the highways since this is a principle source of waterlogging (and need for improved drainage). SS to work with Sean Parker to create a draft schedule of works (prior to eventual tender).

  1. P3 activity and monies (AS):

Actions from last meeting: AS to enquire whether Ros Davies is due to provide further strimmer training (JP volunteered to train). AS to pursue the issue of livestock in a field traversed by a public footpath, in the first instance by seeking advice from Ros Davies and by informal discussion with the landowner. AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported previously.

  1. Highways and Road Warden update (RT):
  2. Village website:

Actions from last meeting: IR to contact William Lines to indicate agreement of the PC with the outline plans for creation of a new “front page” by a local resident. JP to again contact all relevant village groups to seek information re links needed from the village website, as well as other requirements, and to convey this information to William Lines. IR to write a brief article for the Parish Magazine to outline progress with the village website and to seek submission of attractive photographs for use on the website. IR to consider award of a small prize (e.g. a voucher for the village shop) for the “best” photograph submitted. Done.

  1. Parish Council Project. To consider a village interpretation board and alternative plans.
  2. Planning applications:

19/1551/AGR Land at Fordmore Farm. Erection of open-sided agricultural storage building. To note neutral response submitted.

19/1771/FUL Tandem Cottage. Single storey extension. To note neutral response submitted.

  1. Correspondence: Query re date of contact re outline consultation meeting for proposed wind farm near Langford.

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday November 5th 2019

Close of meeting at ………………………………………..