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September Newsletter

Plymtree Country Fayre & Horse Show

By the time you read this, the 2019 Country Fayre & Horse Show will be over – hopefully leaving us all with happy memories and some useful funds for community projects over the next year. The forecast is looking good at present; we can only hope that the Met. Office have got it right!

As ever, this is a good time to thank everyone who has made this event possible; sadly, I cannot thank everyone personally as a large number of people help out just before, during and after the event and I can’t put names to all of those lovely faces!  You know who you are, so I hope that you will have a warm glow for an important job well done.

I can, however, thank some particular people who make continuous and significant contributions to keep this amazing event going year after year.

Without the enormous generosity of Herbert Persey, Tim Lock and Wendy Hussey in allowing us to use their fields, we would not even be able to consider running the event.  To enable this, the land owners have to plan ahead and set aside the fields to ensure that they are in good condition for the day. On behalf of the whole village, we offer sincere thanks and hope that we can continue using this excellent site for many years to come.

There are some people in the village without whom we would not have a useable site; Richard Batten gives tirelessly of his time, skill and machinery and Michael “Tex” Tidball gives us straw bales, his time, equipment and expertise to get the Fayre field ready.  Andrew Fry works tirelessly to help set up the site layout and transporting paraphernalia, Mike and Louis Marks provide invaluable help, equipment and transport and Ollie Marks organizes the bar (no mean feat!).  Many thanks to all of you!

Finally, the Committee devotes a lot of time and energy throughout the whole year to make this one day successful.  I wish to thank Claire Fry (secretary and Facebook guru!), Sue Tidball, Roger Roberts, Michelle Penman, Andy and Jayne Johnson, Terry Matthews, Jane Marks, Becky Whitell, William Lines, Melanie Duffin and Pat Williams.  I’d like to offer special thanks to Pat Williams who is standing down after 25 years of organizing the Horse Show – we will miss you but at least you might get to enjoy the Fayre next year!  The Horse Show will go on, however, under new management and we will all be back next year!

Michael Gammage, for the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show Organising Committee;