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Parish Council Minutes 3 September 2019


Draft minutes of meeting held on 3rd September 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Vestry Room.

Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), R Tift (RT), A Cook (AC), J Penman (JP), A Stride (AS), S Martin (SM), S Stephens (SS), J Franklyn (JF, Clerk)

50a/19 Apologies: P Skinner

50b/19   Declarations of Interest & Prejudice: None declared.

Meeting suspended to allow public questions and receipt of reports.

50c/19   Reports from representatives of Police, EDDC, DCC: A report from PCSO England covering the months of June, July and August indicated two cases of violence without injury and three incidents relating to public safety. No other reports were received.

50d/19 Approval of minutes of meeting of 2nd July 2019: The minutes were read, approved and signed as a true and accurate record as proposed by AC, seconded by AS and agreed by all.

51/19    Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None

52/19    Finance:

Balance of current accounts: Current balances (from 1st April 2019) were checked and agreed as proposed/signed by IR and RT.

53/19    Section 106 monies:

Actions from last meeting: SS to discuss outline proposals for improving the utility of, and access to, the village recreation ground in more detail with Sulina Tallack. RT to contact DCC Highways department re drainage of water from the highways since this is a principle source of waterlogging (and need for improved drainage). SS to work with Sean Parker to create a draft schedule of works (prior to eventual tender).

SS reported that Sulina Tallack had agreed in principle the outline proposals for improvement of the drainage, car park and access re the village recreation ground. It was noted that she requires a drawing and brief explanation of plans in the first instance. It was agreed that the cricket club officers should seek further advice regarding the works required so that a detailed specification may be prepared. It was agreed that SS and RT will then prepare the required tender documents for the works to be carried out. RT will also contact Phil Morgan of DCC re potential drainage works by DCC to prevent water from the highways discharging onto the site.

54/19     P3 activity and monies:

Actions from last meeting: AS to enquire whether Ros Davies is due to provide further strimmer training (JP volunteered to train). AS to pursue the issue of livestock in a field traversed by a public footpath, in the first instance by seeking advice from Ros Davies and by informal discussion with the landowner. (Done). AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking reported previously.

AS had previously circulated details of strimmer training courses available. AS had held discussions with the landowner/stock owner re livestock in a field traversed by a footpath. Reassurance about the safety of the animals had been given and a written response including guidance from the Ramblers’ Association had been provided.

It was noted that two councillors had been approached re a potential new footpath to link the school grounds and other central parts of the village to existing paths running towards the recreation field and village hall (with the potential to reduce the need to walk on the lane/road). It was noted that there had been a recent review of footpaths in the area with no requests being made at that time.

New actions: AC and IR to apply meshing to the slippery planking previously noted. AS to submit the received advice/guidance re livestock in the field for publication in the Parish Magazine and to attach a laminated copy to posts on the relevant footpath. AS, with AC and RT, to approach the relevant landowner (supported by an annotated drawing/map) to enquire if informal access might be given to villagers on the route suggested. 

55/19     Highways and Road Warden update (RT):

RT reported that AC and the road warden team had recently filled 20 potholes present on routes including Clyst William Cross to the Village Hall, Haynes Cross to the Chapel and Chapel Cross to the Church. Thanks were conveyed to Andy Johnson, Nigel Nicholls and Roger Roberts for their help with this.

It was noted that RT and Mike Ayles had carried out strimming and hedge cutting around the village and footpaths. New blades had been purchased for the strimmer as agreed at the last meeting. The hedge cutter had ceased to work as a result of motor failure; comparing repair and new purchase costs it was agreed by all that RT should purchase a new/replacement battery driven hedge cutter (given the previous purchase of an appropriate charger and battery).

RT had pursued with DCC the issue of herbicide use on kerb sides (since DCC no longer carry out this task and unsightly weeds have appeared). It was noted that a basic “herbicide course” had to be completed and a sprayer purchased.

New action: RT to identify suitable “herbicide” courses and RT (plus SS if possible) to attend prior to completing spraying in accord with DCC regulations.  

56/19 Village website:

Actions from last meeting: IR to contact William Lines to indicate agreement of the PC with the outline plans for creation of a new “front page” by a local resident. JP to again contact all relevant village groups to seek information re links needed from the village website, as well as other requirements, and to convey this information to William Lines. IR to write a brief article for the Parish Magazine to outline progress with the village website and to seek submission of attractive photographs for use on the website. IR to consider award of a small prize (e.g. a voucher for the village shop) for thebest photograph submitted. Done.

It was noted that no village photographs had been received after the article in the Parish Magazine; two “active” village photographers would therefore be approached to help populate the web site.

New action: IR to investigate progress re creation of the new website front page and to liaise further with William Lines.

57/19 Parish Council Project:

There was agreement by all councillors that a potential plan to create a village interpretation board should be pursued. RT demonstrated examples from elsewhere and preliminary ideas to include illustration of footpaths and circular walks, as well as historic sites/buildings, were discussed. AS suggested that accompanying leaflets to be made available at the village shop and pub might give more detailed information/guidance re circular walks.

New action: RT to approach Peter Gimber re his ideas for content to be included on the village interpretation board and RT and AS to pursue the project further.

58/19 Planning applications:

19/1551/AGR Land at Fordmore Farm. Erection of open-sided agricultural storage building. To note neutral response submitted.

19/1771/FUL Tandem Cottage. Single storey extension. To note neutral response submitted.

59/19 Correspondence: Query re date of contact re outline consultation meeting for proposed solar farm near Langford. Response noted.

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

It was noted that the Church House committee planned to erect a notice on the church railings requesting no parking in front of the church porch to allow access for emergency vehicles. It was suggested that if anti-social parking persisted DCC would be approached re painting of lines on the road to discourage that parking.

It was noted that the annual peppercorn rent of £1 was due to Wendy Hussey re parish council use of the lock up owned by her.

New action: Clerk to pay “rent” to Mrs Hussey re lock up (from petty cash).

Date of next meeting: 5th November 2019 at 7.30pm. Close of meeting at 8.55 pm.