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January 2020 Newsletter

Plymtree Country Fayre & Horse Show

A Happy New Year from the Fayre and Horse Show Committee! Although it is many months until the event, we are already starting our planning cycle and have a joint meeting with the Village Hall Committee on 27th January to discuss their funding needs and plans for 2020/21.

As ever, we need “new blood” on the Fayre and Horse Show Committee, so anyone interested in joining to help organize and run this important Village event will be very welcome; please contact me (details below) and I shall be very happy to chat about what you can do to help – as much or as little as you can manage!

We have a new Horse Show organization for 2020 and anticipate some changes in the programme – I will keep you posted as the year progresses and I’m sure that the changes will build on the successes of previous years and introduce/reintroduce some exciting aspects.  As ever, we want the two parts of the event to be considered equal and essential components of a country event.

In an attempt to continue increasing the rural nature of the event, we hope to have even more classic farm equipment this year; anyone with suitable powered or horse-drawn equipment is encouraged to come along.  The tractors were very popular last year, so extending this aspect of the Fayre should be a crowd-pleaser and crowd-drawer!

Looking forward to a successful 2020!

Michael Gammage (277963), for the Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show Organising Committee;