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Parish Council Agenda for 3 March 2020


From Parish Clerk: Jayne Franklyn, The Old Rectory, Plymtree Tel 01884 277963
A meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 at 7.30pm in the Vestry Room
To members of the Council: You are hereby summoned to attend the above meeting for the transaction of the following business.

A 15 minute period will also be set aside to allow Public Questions and receive reports from Police, DCC and EDDC. 


  1. Apologies for Absence: To receive apologies and to approve reason for absence.
  2. Declaration of Interest: To declare any personal or pecuniary interests on the Agenda and their nature (Councillors with pecuniary interests must leave the room for relevant items).
  3.  Suspend meeting to allow members of the public to participate. Mel Frier to attend to provide update re “Terracycle” recycling initiative.

To receive reports from representatives of Police, DCC and EDDC

  1. Approval of Minutes of last meetings dated 7th January 2020
  2. Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None.  
  3. Finance:     Balance of current accounts
                                  Spends since last meeting:
                                  M Ayles £60 for strimmer service
                                  Petty cash £4 for bin bags for litter pick

Actions from last meeting: Clerk to submit Precept paperwork ahead of deadline (Done). Clerk to purchase two memory sticks to ensure effective backup of PC documents from the PC laptop.

  1. Clyst Valley Regional Park
  2. Tree Planting

To note that P Gimber had submitted a bid for DCC to supply a “Landmark Tree”. This had been successful and an oak tree sapling has been provided free of charge. Mr Gimber plans to plant this in the Recreation Ground after achieving permission from the landowner. He also plans to submit grants to obtain further trees for the village from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (for fruit trees) and the Woodland Trust (for fruit trees to be supplied in November).

  1. Section 106 monies:

Actions from last meeting: Clerk to request onward transmission by SS to Sulina Tallack of the draft proposal (to confirm it remains within remit for Section 106 funding). (Done). Follow up actions to include letter of support from the PC and application to EDDC for funding by the recreation ground reps, in addition to creation of a detailed spec and tendering via the PC. SS to contact Dan McCandlish/Sean (Cricket Club) re next steps

  1. P3 activity and monies (AS):

Actions from last meeting: AS to again assess the village footpaths for any required repairs. AS to submit a modest bid to support equipment repairs and servicing as well as minor consumables ahead of the upcoming deadline for P3 funding (Done).

  1. Highways and Road Warden update (RT):

Actions from last meeting: RT to scope a suitable herbicide course. RT to order new materials for pot hole filling in due course, noting its shelf life.

  1. Village website:
  2. Creation of village interpretation board:

Actions from last meeting: RT to submit a planning application to EDDC (at a cost of approx. £60). RT and AS to work together to identify information for inclusion for onward transmission to Shelley signs.

  1. VE day celebrations:
  2. Planning applications:

20/0036/FUL Lower Weaver House. Change of use of agricultural track to domestic use. To note neutral response submitted.  

19/2783/FUL Bluehaze. Demolition of existing barn and construction of residential dwelling. Change of use of agricultural land to domestic. To note neutral response submitted. 

  1. Correspondence:

J Mackintosh re overflowing of Terracycle bins.

R Parker re request for funds re school hall redecoration and/or playground refurbishment

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

  1. Dates of next meetings: 5th May, 7th July, 8th September, 3rd November at 7.30pm.

Close of meeting at ………………………………………..