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Parish Council Minutes 3 March 2020


Minutes of meeting held on 3rd March 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Vestry Room.

Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), R Tift (RT), A Cook (AC), J Penman (JP), A Stride (AS), S Martin (SM), I Chubb (IC), J Franklyn (JF, Clerk)

15a/20 Apologies: S Stephens (SS) As SS had been unable, due to work commitments, to attend recent meetings the councillors requested that the Chair discuss the matter in accordance with the provisions in Local Government Act 1972.

 15b/20   Declarations of Interest & Prejudice: None declared.

Meeting suspended to allow public questions and receipt of reports.

Ms Mel Frier (resident) attended and reported back as requested on the new Terracycle initiative begun 3 months ago. This has been judged to very successful with significant quantities of recycling produced (over and above the scheme provided by EDDC). There had been explanatory articles in the February and March editions of the Parish Magazine. Clearly labelled boxes are now provided. The PC thanked Ms Frier for her efforts and fully endorsed continuation of the scheme. She requested modest funds to allow purchase of more suitable boxes for the shelter (approximately £100). This was agreed by all present.

Miss Heather Wheeler (resident) attended to discuss the pending Mid Devon DC planning application for a solar farm at Langford. She indicated that the earliest likely date for the postponed planning meeting is 1st April. Miss Wheeler requested attendance of a representative of the PC at the meeting (to which it is likely a formal invitation will be forthcoming). The topic was discussed at some length. AS provisionally agreed to represent the PC (which had previously formally submitted its response) at the meeting if commitments allow.

16c/20   Reports from representatives of Police, EDDC, DCC:  

DC Cllr Chubb attended and summarised recent DCC activity. He reported that DCC had recently completed its budget setting which reflected a slight increase in spending. He reported the formation of a councillor-advocate scheme set up with the Police to provide a simple means of information gathering and information exchange with the Force. IC reported the activities of a company “Jurassic fibre” which is installing internet fibre in the county. IC reported that, following recent storms, the presence of potholes is a major problem. DCC highways has a programme of works, although a relatively limited budget. New equipment to effect better and more longstanding repairs is to be hired/purchased. IC was questioned by SM about how much waste is recycled, rather than simply processed, as well as the supply chain of waste. He was questioned about the percentage of the recyclate that is incinerated (i.e. the waste that is put into the recycling bins). IC responded with an explanatory document (shortly after the meeting).

PCSO England had recently submitted a summary of reported crimes from January 2019 to end of December 2019. There were 7 reported incidents (1 violence with injury, 5 violence without injury and 1 sexual offence), indicating a 75% increase in recorded crimes compared with 2018.

16d/20 Approval of minutes of meeting of 7th January 2020: The minutes (which had been amended after first circulation – item 6/20, section 106 monies) were read, approved and signed as a true and accurate record as proposed by AS, seconded by AC and agreed by all.

17/20    Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None

18/20    Finance:

Actions from last meeting: Clerk to submit Precept paperwork ahead of deadline. (Done)  Clerk to purchase memory sticks re lap top backup.

Balance of current accounts: Recent spends (since the last meeting as noted in the agenda) were noted and further approved. Current balances (from 1st April 2019) were checked and agreed as proposed/signed by IR and RT.

19/20 Clyst Valley Regional Park: AS reported no recent communications from DCC.

20/20 Tree planting: It was noted thatP Gimber had submitted a bid for DCC to supply a “Landmark Tree”. This had been successful and an oak tree sapling has been provided free of charge. Mr Gimber plans to plant this in the Recreation Ground. He also plans to submit grants to obtain further trees for the village from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species (for fruit trees) and the Woodland Trust (for fruit trees to be supplied in November). He had requested that he be informed of progress re works on the recreation ground (see 21/20) and enquired whether this might include removal of the Leylandii hedge ahead of creation of a small public orchard. The PC re-iterated its support for tree planting including creation of the linear orchard.

New Action: Clerk to request Mr Gimber liaise with the cricket club representatives (Dan and Sean) re the removal of the Leylandii and site/timing of new planting. (Done).

21/20    Section 106 monies:

Actions from last meeting: Clerk to request onward transmission by SS to Sulina Tallack of the draft proposal (to confirm it remains within remit for Section 106 funding). (Done). Follow up actions to include letter of support from the PC and application to EDDC for funding by the recreation ground reps, in addition to creation of a detailed spec and tendering via the PC. SS to contact Dan McCandlish/Sean (Cricket Club) re next steps.

SS was absent for the meeting so discussion was postponed.

New action: IR to contact SS re the actions above and progression of project (Done).

22/20     P3 activity and monies (AS):

Actions from last meeting: AS to again assess the village footpaths for any required repairs. AS to submit a modest bid to support equipment repairs and servicing as well as minor consumables ahead of the upcoming deadline for P3 funding (Done)

AS reported she had submitted reports and a modest funding request after walking the village footpaths. Various works required by DCC had been highlighted e.g supply of way markers and repairs; she would herself complete some additional minor works.

23/20     Highways and Road Warden update (RT):

Actions from last meeting: RT to scope a suitable herbicide course. RT to order new materials for pot hole filling in due course, noting its shelf life (Done).

RT reported that 10 pots of material for pothole repair had been delivered recently. So far he had been unsuccessful in identifying a suitable herbicide course. He reported the closure of the Devon Highways training centre and hence potential difficulty in the future in obtaining/renewing certification of training to allow the Road Warden scheme to continue.

New actions: RT to scope herbicide course. RT to discuss provision of training/certification for road repairs with relevant departments of DCC.

24/20 Village website:

IR had forwarded before the meeting a draft version of the new website prepared by a local resident. IR requested feedback before further liaison with William Lines and potential switch to the new website.

New action: All PCs to feedback views on the draft new website to IR.

25/20 Creation of village interpretation board:

Actions from last meeting: RT to submit a planning application to EDDC (at a cost of approx. £60). (Done) RT and AS to work together to identify information for inclusion for onward transmission to Shelley signs.

RT reported that the planning application will be submitted imminently (signatures obtained at the meeting). RT reported existence of an 18C Coleridge poem referring to the presence of troublesome potholes in “Plimtree” which might be included in the information to be displayed.

New action:  RT and AS to work together further to identify information for inclusion and onward transmission to Shelley signs

26/20 VE Day celebrations:

It was noted that Mrs S Tidball had established a small working party to plan activities for May 8th. The PC had leant its support to this proposal at its last meeting.

27/20 Planning applications:

20/0036/FUL Lower Weaver House. Change of use of agricultural track to domestic use. To note neutral response submitted. 

19/2783/FUL Bluehaze. Demolition of existing barn and construction of residential dwelling. Change of use of agricultural land to domestic. To note neutral response submitted. 

28/20 Correspondence:

J Mackintosh e mail re overflowing of Terracycle bins (see item 15b/20 above). It was agreed that there had been early problems with overflowing of bins which had been since resolved. New action: Clerk to respond accordingly (Done).

R Parker request for funds re school hall redecoration and/or playground refurbishment. This was judged to be outside the remit of the PC. The matter had been raised with IC who had agreed provisionally to provide modest funding from the DCC locality budget.

New action: Clerk to indicate the likelihood of locality budget support and indicate site of application form (Done).

Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only.

It was noted that the annual village litter pick had been completed onSunday February 23rd with a good turnout of resident families (including children). The PC recorded its thanks to volunteers and to AC who had coordinated the litter pick.

Dates of meetings for 2020: 5th May, 14th July, 8th September, 3rd November at 7.30pm.

It was noted that the 5th May meeting will commence with the AGM. New action: Clerk to arrange the annual village meeting shortly after the AGM. (Done).

Close of meeting at 9.20 pm.