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Parish Council Minutes 5th January 2021


Minutes of a virtual meeting held on 5th January 2021 at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), R Tift (RT), A Cook (AC), A Stride (AS) (from 8.00 until 8.50pm), S Martin (SM), S Stephens (SS), J Penman (JP), I Chubb (IC), P Skinner (PS), J Franklyn (JF, Clerk)
1a/21 Apologies: None received.
1b/21 Declarations of Interest & Prejudice: SS and JP declared an interest in planning application 20/278/FUL (because of proximity to site and sight line respectively) and were excluded from discussion of that application.
Meeting suspended to allow public questions and receipt of reports.
1c/21 Reports from representatives of Police, EDDC, DCC: Cllr P Skinner (EDDC) explained that the usual business of EDDC had been considerably impacted by changes in leadership and alliances post-election and subsequently by the on-going COVID crisis. EDDC continued to make strenuous efforts to support the region in unprecedented times. He was hopeful that the local plan for Devon would be resurrected in due course. Cllr Chubb contributed to discussion of 8/21 (Road safety outside the school) (see below). He indicated that some of the Locality Budget remained unspent and required dispersal by March.
1d/21 Approval of minutes of meeting of 3rd November 2020: The minutes were read, approved and will be signed as a true and accurate record as proposed by SS, seconded by AC and agreed by all.
2/21 Actions from last meeting not otherwise on the agenda: None
3/21 Finance:
Budget for 2021-22; Precept submission. A draft budget had been circulated by RT. It was agreed that there should be a modest increase in the 2021/22 budget (of approximately £100), roughly in line with inflation.
New action: Clerk to complete and submit Precept forms before the deadline
Balance of current accounts: Recent spends (since the last meeting as noted in the agenda) were noted and further approved. Current balances (from 1st April 2020) were checked and agreed as proposed/signed by IR and RT.
4/21 Section 106 monies:
Action from last meeting: SS to collate/tabulate responses from parishioners re Section 106 monies and submit to J Buckley of EDDC for preliminary comment (as requested by EDDC). (Done).
SS reported that the collated responses had been sent to EDDC and that there would be a virtual meeting with Sulina Tallack and Jamie Buckley of EDDC with SS and other available PCs (provisional date 20th January 9.00am) in order to discuss the suggestions.
5/21 P3 activity and monies (AS):
AS reported that the village footpaths were largely in a good state (despite increased usage in the COVID crisis) such that there was no requirement to bid for further monies for repair. AS and family had fitted anti-slip treads to sleepers in one footpath. AS will soon complete the required annual return to DCC, as well as a recent questionnaire from Natural England on the Countryside Code (on behalf of the PC).
6/21 Highways and Road Warden update (RT):
There had been little recent activity by the road warden team but village gullies had been cleared as part of the 5-year cycle by DCC. Several new Plymtree village signs remain on order and will be erected in due course.
7/21 Creation of village interpretation board:
It was noted that there had been no recent activity; AS and RT agreed to attempt to progress as soon as feasible.
8/21 Road safety outside the primary school:
Actions from last meeting: SM to ask the school acting head teacher/other relevant staff to re-inform parents of the school parking policy and to raise at federation/governor level. IR to note problem in the Parish Magazine indicating that further actions may need to be sought in conjunction with DCC. JF to request that PCSO England might attend the school at relevant times in the afternoon to observe issues and speak to parents. (All done).
It was noted that PCSO England had attended the site at school closing time; parking was generally considerate in his presence. Letters had been sent to parents from the school reminding them of safety issues as well as letters to the school federation/governors.
Cllr Chubb (DCC) contributed to the discussion at the start of the meeting since school matters and highway matters fall under the remit of DCC. IC reported that DCC is currently trialling the use of 20mph speed limits in villages; if successful this may be rolled out across the county. SM and others raised the possibilities of re-painting existing road markings, adding additional markings/signage and/or creation of a dedicated crossing in front of the school. It was agreed/advised by IC that these possibilities should be discussed with Phil Morgan of DCC Highways Dept in the first instance.
New action: SM to contact Phil Morgan of DCC Highways Dept in the first instance to discuss potential changes to road marking and other safety measures outside the village school.

9/21 Emergency action plan:
This item (raised by P Gimber) had been discussed by the PC previously; it had been concluded that the village is too small for such a plan to be meaningful. IR had recently identified several potential action plan templates; he agreed to examine these and report back as to the feasibility of creating an emergency action plan for the village.
10/20 Coronavirus matters:
It was noted that a third national lockdown had commenced. It was noted that the “Village Hub” managed by the shop (for deliveries to those shielding or self-isolating) had re-opened.
11/20 Planning applications:
20/2254/FUL Middle Weaver Farm: Erection of 6 bay car port Clerk to submit neutral response (Done)
20/2784/FUL Plymtree garages: Removal of garages and construction of dwelling (amendments to development approved under 18/2583/FUL, to extend the property by one metre and to add a first floor bedroom). It was noted by the PC that there may be a detrimental effect of addition of a first floor room and balcony in terms of overlooking and visual impact. Clerk to submit comment to EDDC planning portal after circulation of text by IR.
20/2853/FUL 14 Pencepool Orchard: Construction of a shed. Clerk to submit neutral response (Done)
It was noted that a planning appeal re conversion of barn at Orchard Farm to 4 dwellings had been submitted.

It was noted the PC was recently in receipt of a preliminary notification of a possible future planning application for creation of Paytherden Solar Farm near Clyst Hydon. The preliminary communication indicated that a website for public consultation and consultation with businesses and other relevant groups/bodies is due to go live on January 11th. It was agreed this potential development should be brought to the notice of the village; SM agreed to draft a short article for the forthcoming Parish Magazine ahead of the next publication deadline. SM also suggested setting up a small working party to include interested villagers to discuss this once more detail is published.

12/21 Correspondence:
It was noted that possible oil contamination of a stream near Pencepool had been reported to IR. The EA had investigated and residents of Pencepool Orchard have been asked to investigate oil tanks and pipes pending further investigation of the source.
Matters of urgency – items not on the agenda to be discussed at the Chairman’s discretion NB no voting permitted, discussion only. None.
Dates of meetings for 2021 2nd March, 4th May, 6th July, 14th September [note later date], 2nd November all at 7.30pm. Close of meeting at 9.50pm.