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Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show

Despite the sad cancellation of the Fayre and Horse Show in 2020, I am delighted to be able to report that the Committee was able to approve a donation of £1000 to Riding for the Disabled from reserves.

As you will be aware, charitable organisations had a bad year in 2020 as donations were reduced and charitable activities curtailed by Covid-19.  We were, therefore, pleased to be able to provide a small ray of sunshine for the RDA and the riders; although riding opportunities have been reduced they will be able to continue some cautious activity in 2021, helped by our contribution.  We wish them all a safe 2021 and an early return to normal activities.

On the subject of 2021, we have had discussion regarding the possibility of a Fayre and Horse Show this year.  As things stand at present, we are not starting any formal preparations as it remains unclear as to whether large events will be safe or allowed by the end of August.  We will, however, continue to monitor the situation and prepare for setting up events (probably reduced in scale) at short notice if this becomes possible.  It will be sad to lose a second Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show in succession, but safety of our attendees and volunteers must be the first priority. I wish you all a happier, safe and healthy 2021 and I hope to see you all in person soon,

Michael Gammage, Chair,
Plymtree Country Fayre and Horse Show Committee