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Weather Report – February 2021 and Winter 2020/21

In Plymtree February was generally mild and at times unsettled, although amounts of rain were generally small. However, from the 6th the weather turned much colder and remained that way for the next 7 days. Although many parts of the country had their most significant snowfall of the winter we saw virtually nothing here, apart from some very light dustings overnight on the 8th-9th and 9th-10th. There was also some light sleet and snow during the morning of the 13th but it didn’t lie. The most significant feature of this cold snap was the wind chill, especially from the 10th to the 13th. Also unlike other parts of the country our minimum temperatures were not significantly low, primarily because of the strength of the wind and cloud cover. Only 8 air frosts were recorded (minimum temperature below 0°C) with 6 of these recorded during the cold spell from the 6th to the 13th. The last few days of the month were dry, very mild and in the sunshine it felt more like spring.

The total rainfall I measured for the month was 69.1mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 82.7mm. This means that we received 84% of the Dunkeswell average. The wettest day of February was the 19th with 9.0mm. There were 13 rain days (rainfall ≥ 1mm), which compares to an average of 11.9 days for Dunkeswell and 12 days with no measurable rainfall. The total winter (Dec, Jan and Feb) rainfall I recorded was 310.9mm which compares to an average of 316.4mm at Dunkeswell or 98% of average.

The highest temperature I recorded during February was 14.2°C on the 16th. The highest temperature of the winter was 14.4°C recorded on the 28th January. The lowest temperature for February was -2.6°C on the 10th. The lowest temperature of the winter was -5.1°C recorded on the 1st January. I have included the temperature graph for information. There was no wind data for February due to a system upgrade. The strongest wind recorded by Pete Draper at Normans Green for the 2 winter months of December and January was 45.0mph during the early hours of the 27th December, in association with storm Bella.

Mike Ayles