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Weather Report – April 2021

In Plymtree April was a very dry and rather cold month. However, having said that daytime temperatures were quite reasonable, especially in the sun and shelter from the cool north winds. It was overnight temperatures that were low. The frequency of air frosts (minimum temperature

Weather Report – March 2021

In Plymtree there was a good deal of settled weather during March, with the only spell of unsettled weather being between the 9th and the 14th. The first week was rather cold with some hard overnight frosts. However, it became warmer during the second half

Planning Committee meeting for Langford Solar Farm

The Mid Devon Planning Committee will be meeting on 31 March to consider the application for the construction of ground-mounted solar PV panels to generate up to 49.9MW (Site Area 60.78ha) and battery storage facility together with all associated works, equipment and necessary infrastructure on

Weather Report – January 2021

In Plymtree the cold weather that started on Christmas Eve continued into the first 10 days of January. It was mostly dry during this period and there were some snow showers overnight on the 6th/7th. The rest of the month was generally mild and unsettled,

Weather Report – December 2020 and Review 2020

In Plymtree the weather was generally unsettled throughout the month. The total rainfall I measured for the month was 132.5mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 121.2mm. This means that we received 109% of the Dunkeswell average. The wettest day of December was the