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Parish Council Minutes 14th September 2021

PLYMTREE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING Draft Minutes of a meeting held on 14th September 2021 at 7.30 pm at Plymtree Village Hall. Present: Cllrs I Robinson (IR), A Cook (AC) (until item 55/21), JI Penman (JP), S Stephens (SS), S Martin (SM), T Jedynak (TJ), P

Weather Report – May and Spring 2019

In Plymtree, apart from a few wet days, the weather was predominately dry. The total rainfall I measured for the month was 24.2mm. The average (1981-2010) at Dunkeswell Airfield is 72.3mm. This means that we received only 33% of the Dunkeswell average, making it even