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United Reformed Church

Hello, this is to introduce us

‘CHURCH’ may be strange to you.

We are ordinary people, simply men and women who love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to follow Him.

We need each other’s company and help to be Christians.

So we aren’t aliens from the “X Files”, we don’t have two heads, and we don’t bite strangers!

The Church meets in the stone Chapel at the Norman’s Green crossroads at Plymtree.  We have one service on Sundays at 11am and we hold extra services on special occasions.

We celebrate Holy Communion ( The Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, ‘Breaking of Bread’ … however you may call it) during our morning service once each month.

We have a small Bible Study/Prayer Group which meets in the church or in a member’s house on occasional Thursdays, usually at 7.30pm.

There is currently no minister, so our services are led by members of the church with occasional Guest Preachers.

We are not part of the Church of England, instead we belong to the larger worldwide family of Reformed Churches.

There are strong historical links to who we are, what we believe and do today.

We don’t have a set prayer-book and we are more informal in our worship and church organisation, so that in the UK we come under the umbrella title of ‘The Free Churches’ or ‘Nonconformist Churches’.

In our teaching we believe that each person needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour, to be ‘born again’ spiritually to become a Christian – which makes us ‘Evangelical’.

We also believe that God is on the move in people’s lives and throughout His whole Church by His Holy Spirit.

We don’t want to stay in an ancient ‘time-warp’, so we use modern language, words and music in our Bibles and Christian songs.