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Bells refurbishment Jan 2011

Schedule of Church Bells Mechanical Overhaul

Work undertaken by Nicholson Engineering Limited of Bridport, Dorset and completed on 21 January 2011

  • Dismantle the bells and support them on bearers in the tower. Transport to own works the headstock to the third, all the wheels, all the pulleys, all the bearings, and the clappers to the five smaller bells.
  • Dismantle the bearings and discard the existing grease seals. Wash away all old lubricant in own degreasing tank. Provide new bearing races. Make new felt seals and fit them to the plummer blocks.
  • For the third bell make an entirely new hardwood headstock, all properly proportioned and well finished and to the same dimensions as the original.
  • Remove and discard the existing soles and shrouds from the wheels. Make and fit new steam bent ash soles and oak shrouds, all secured with stainless steel screws. Replace all securing bolts in hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Make completely new pulleys consisting of cast nylon sheaves each running on two ball races all housed in hardwood boxes.
  • Dismantle clapper assemblies to the five smaller bells and discard the existing bushes and hinge pins. From stainless steel make new hinge pins and modify the crown staples to suit. From Tufnol machine up new bushes and resiliently mount them in the clapper eyes using neoprene rubber. Accurately ream the clapper bushes to suit the new hinge pins. Clean all down, reassemble and paint with two coats of top quality enamel. Provide new insulation washers for fitting between the crown staples and the insides of the crowns of the bells.
  • Transport all back to the church and carry into the tower.
  • Thoroughly clean down and descale all the ironwork to the bell frame and ringing fittings. Prime all with a heavy zinc-rich primer and paint all with two coats of enamel.
  • Fit the new headstock to the third bell. Accurately balance all six bells with their headstocks within the constraints of the existing centre holes.
  • Provide and fit new rope pulleys at clock room floor level.
  • Refit the existing ropes, test all and leave ready for use.