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Churchyard and Monument Inscriptions

Churchyard & Momument Inscriptions to the present

A. As recorded bv the Rector Edgar H. Hay 1899

B. Tony Eames added inscriptions between 1899 and 1984

C. Alan Barnett added inscriptions from 1984 to the present

Inscriptions in red could not be located in January 2012.

Notes in green made by Alan Barnett since January 2012

In the Sanctuary: –

1. (On the North wall). “Beneath are deposited the Remains of William James Arnold, Esqr of Exeter College Oxford, who died on the 21st June 1814, aged 21 years.”

2. (On the South wall). “To the Memory of the Revnd Daniel Veysie, B.D., late of Oriel College Oxford, and for 20 years Rector of this Parish. He departed this Life the 7th July 1817, aged 62.”

In the Choir: –

3. (On the North wall). In memory of Arthur Mozley, MA., for more than nine years Rector of this parish, Died March 4, 1892, in the 73rd year of his age.”

In the South, or Forde, Aisle:-(On the floor).

4. “Roger Forde, Esquire, was here buried July the 21st An Do 1631″ [The rest of the inscription has been worn away].

5 “Here lyeth the body of Abraham Webber, Gent., who dyed the iih day of October 1669, aged 84 years. And Abigail his wife dyed ye i day of December 1670, aged 74, who lived together 51 yeares and ten months.

“Here also lyeth the body of Mary the daughter of Walter Gale of Stapelgro, in Sumarset and Granchild of ye above said Abraham and Abigail who dyed in September 1671.

“Here lyeth the Body of Thomazin Ford, wife of Charles Ford of Plymtree, Esq., and Daughter of Abraham Webber, Gent., who departed This life the xxth day of September in The yeare of Anno Do. 1690, aged 69 yeares.”

6. “Here Lieth the Body of Richard Harward of this Pish., Gent., who was Buried the 5th of August 1685. And of Rebecca His Wife who was buried the 16th of July 1677.

“Also of their Eldest Son John Harward was buried the 15th of August 1687, And of Mary his wife was Buried the 21st Nov. 1692, and was ye Daughter of Edw. Thrust…. of

Westbuckland In Som….. , Gent Also Rebecca, daughter of Mr Rich Harward buried…………. 1673. Also James Son of………… Harward buried 24th M……. 1692.

“Here also lyeth ye Body of George Harward of Langford son of Rich. Harward, Gent., who died………. 1732, aetatis suae 67……… “

In the South, or Forde, Aisle:-(On the wall).

7. “Sacred to the memory of the very Reverend Charles Harward, MA. Dean of the Cathedral Church of St.Peter Exeter, and of Hayne House in this Parish, who departed this Life on the 15th day of July Ann. Dom. 1802, aged 79.

“Also of Louisa his Wife, Daughter of the Right Honble Sir Wm Yonge Bart, of Escot in this County, who departed this Life on the 30th day of October, An. Dom. 1811, aged 81″

8. “Sacred to the Memory of Thomas Blake, Gent, of Green-end: Obiit March 1st 1826.  AEtatis 63.”

9 (On a brass plate on the organ). “This organ was presented to Plymtree Church by representatives of Charles Mozley, Derby, on his death, August 1883, knowing that this destination would be much in accordance with his wishes, his two surviving brothers being a late and present Rector of the Parish.”

The above plate was probably removed when the organ was replaced in 1958. In 1985 a new plate was placed on the present organ which was installed in 1979– see 59e

In Plymtree Churchyard:

1. (By the South wall of the Forde Aisle). “Louisa Ann Blake. Obiit Septbris XV. MDcccxxi. AEtatis xxviii. [Died 15 Sept. 1821, aged 28],

“Sacred to the memory of Charles Harward of Hayne House in this parish, Brother to the above, who departed this life July 8, 1818, aged 59. In coelo quies.

“Also of John Harward his grandson. Obiit Jany. 10. 1851. AEtatis 3 years and 3 months.”

1a. “To the memory of Lt. Col. Robert Blake Harward O.B.E. (Late Indian Army) 1890-1969 and his wife Norah Esther Sarah 1901-1956 and his widow Marjorie Emily Pearson 1892-1971 R.I.P”

1b. “In Loving And Happy Memory of Major Richard Blake Harward RM. R. Warwicks Regt RRF 1926-1991” –

stone replaced 08.06.2012 by:

Richard Blake Harward 1926 – 1991 Ann Harward (nee Dickinson) 1930 – 2012 Together again with God”

1c.  ” Shaughan Blake Harward 1961 -2018  Crux Vincit Mundum – incarnate”

2. (To the East of the Vestry Door). “Joseph Dornford, MA. Born January 9, 1794.  Asleep in Jesus January 18, 1868.”

3. (On the South side of the big yew tree). “Sacred to the Memory of the Rev John Fleming, late Fellow of Oriel College Oxford, and Rector of Plymtree Eighteen Years, who
departed this Life March 20, 1796, aged Fifty One, beloved and lamented.”

4. (Near the South-east corner of the Forde aisle). “Sacred to the memory of Henry the son of James and Mary Baker, of this Parish, Yeoman, Who was removed suddenly out of this mortal Life, at the early age of 32 Years, on the 26th day of May 1819, a young man of great filial Piety, honest Industry, strict Integrity, and of a friendly Disposition. He lived universally beloved, and died sincerely lamented.”

(The stone with this inscription is seriously decaying in 2012)

5. (East of the Forde aisle). “In memory of Mary Miller, who after 9 years of faithful and loving service in the family of the Rector of this Parish [Joseph Dornford] was taken to her rest September 9th, 1863.”

6 (North of the Chancel). “In Affectionate Remembrance of John Hole, late of Green-end, who died at Winham House, Bradninch, 30th March 1878, in his 85th year

“Also of Ann Hole, widow of the above, who died, Novr. 21st, 1881, in her 76th year

7. (Next the above). “In memory of Thomas Hole, who died Decr. 26th. 1858, aged 1 year and 8 months, son of John and Ann Hole, of Green-end in this Parish.

“Also Samuel, son of the above, who died Octr. 31st. 1864, aged 20 years.”

7a. (Not recorded by Edgar Hay or by Tony Eames)

In loving memory of William Hole Jan 21st 1896 aged 62 years. There is one God and mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus. I Timothy II.5.

Also of Mary Hole daughter of John Hole who died ? October 1921 aged 90 years. Hope of eternal ….

8 “To the memory of Thomas Ley Young, Gent., of Woodbear Court, who departed this life April 14th. 1864, aged 70.”

9. (North of the Nave). “Sacred to the memory of Mary, the Daughter of John and Mary Harris, who departed this Life Aug. 14th 1811, aged 5 Months.

“Also William their Son, who departed this Life Oct. 13th 1819, aged 9 Years. “Also Thomas their Son, who departed this life Nov. 29th 1820, aged 6 Years “Also the above named John Harris, Who departed this Life Nov. 14th. 1821, Aged 50 Years.

“Also Mary his Wife, Who departed this Life June 12th. 1822, aged 43 years.”

10. (Next to the above). “Beneath this Cross, memorial of her constant faith, her only hope, and her daily walk, lie the mortal remains of Eleanor the beloved wife of John Harris, who on the 6th. of April 1846 fell asleep in Christ, aged 29.

“Also of Mary sole daughter, and of John only son, of John and Eleanor Harris, who, the one June 4th 1846, the other April 11th. 1850, followed her to her home in heaven their departed mother, aged 7 and 9 years.

“Also of John Harris of Coombe House, Weaver, Cullompton, who died February 9th. 1878, aged 65 years.”

11. (East of South porch). “Sacred to the Memory of Henry Shiles, who died 31 st. July 1855, aged 83 years.

“Also of Ann, his wife, who died 3rd April 1847, aged 72 Years.”

12 “Sacred to the Memory of John Shiles, who died 25th August 1835, Aged 63 Years ” (Now against wall in SE corner.)

13. (East of Forde aisle). “I.H.S. Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth Clarke, Who died Octr. 17th 1868, Aged 77 Years.

“Also Thomas Clarke, Her beloved Husband, Who died Jany. 8th. 1871, Aged 71 Years.”

14. (Northeast of the Chancel). “Mary Anne Veysie, wife of Wm. Veysie, Wheelwright, for 35 years School Mistress of this Village, loved and respected for her gentleness and devotion to her duties, died lamented 12th Febry 1876, aged 68 “

15. (East of the Chancel). “Sacred to the memory of Eliza Fairfield, relict of George Fairfield Esq. of Walton Bridge House, Shepperton, Middlesex, who departed this life January 31st. 1852, aged 96.

“Also James Frederic Davis, youngest son of the late James Davis Esqre., and grandson of the above, died May 7 1854 “

16 (Next the above) “+ Anne Veysie Died June 17th. 1857 Aged 56 “

17 (Next the above). “Anne Veysie, widow of the Revd. Daniel Veysie, Rector of this Parish, died December 11th. 1847, aged 85 “

18. (Next the above) “Lieutenant Colonel William Veysie, Retired List Bengal Army, Died 10th. June 1883, aged 81.”

19. (South of the big yew-tree). “In loving Memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Edmund Middleton, who died Sept. 7th 1891, aged 75 years. Also of Edmund Middleton, who died July 22nd 1899 aged 87 years. Thy will be done.”

20. (On an old broken stone, South of the big yew-tree). “… of JoAN PotteR oF ThiS PIRSh Who diEd The 7 dAY oF IANUARY IN The YEAR 1725 AGEd 26 YEARS”.

21 (Northeast of the Chancel). “Sacred to the memory of Ann the beloved Daughter of Thomas and Susanna Griffin of Fordmoore, died Novr. 26th. 1835, aged 12 years.”

(North of the Nave).

22. “Sacred to the memory of Charlotte Seaman, widow of the late Thomas Seaman (of Halberton) who fell asleep in Jesus January 26th. 1869, aged 78 years.

“Also Jane Baker, Daughter of the above “Who passed away” August 25th 1897, aged 74 years. RIP.”

23. “In memory of William Trump, who departed this life February the 18th. 1801, Aged 72 Years. A tender Husband, affectionate Father, and sincere Friend.

“Also Elizabeth his Wife, who departed this Life February the 25th. 1821, aged 85 years.”

24. “Sacred to the memory of Sarah, Wife of William Trump, who departed this life March 26th. 1838, aged 77 years.

“Also the above named William Trump, who died Novr. 24th 1840, aged 81 years.”

24a (Not recorded by Edgar Hay or Tony Eames. This is a listed memorial – see Church Property Register) In memory of William the son of W……. and Sarah Trump who died April 1797 Aged ….

25. (On a broken stone, leaning against the tower, belonging to a grave North of the chancel arch, and formerly surrounded by an iron railing). “In memory of John Jope of Woodbear Court, Gent, Died 31 day of J…………… , aged 79.

Also of William Jope, only son of the sd John Jope, who departed this life the 14 day of ………… in the year of our Lord……………… “

26. Ivy-covered altar-tomb with illegible inscription.

27. “In memory of James Webber, who died Deer. 1st. 1872, aged 67. “also of Elizabeth, his wife, who died Novr 17th 1877, aged 69 “

28. “Sacred to the memory of William Hussey, who departed this life August 31st. 1856, aged 35 years.”

29. “Sacred to and in loving memory of Godfrey Goodman, Fleet Surgeon R.N., who died January 20th 1899. This Monument is erected by his sorrowing wife.”

30. “In affectionate remembrance of Elias White, who departed this life 14th December 1860, aged 66 years.

“Also of his beloved wife Mary, who departed this life at Bradninch 10th July 1879, aged 86 years.

Also of Jane, daughter of the above named Elias and Mary White, who departed this life 23rd August 1849, aged 10 years.”

31. (On a broken stone). “In memory of Thomas Hus(sey), who died May 17th aged 74 years. Mercy Jesu.”

32. “In memory of Henry Auton, Died March 5th, 1858, aged 55 years. “Also Charles, son of the above, Died May 10th 1873, aged 27 years.”

33. “In memory of John Davey, Who died Feb. 13th. 1872, aged 59 Years.

(North of the tower).

34. “In loving memory of William Prouse, Who died June 27. 1880, aged 69 years. “Also of Ann Glanville, His Wife, Who died March 7. 1878, aged 61 Years.”

35. “In memory of Robert Eveleigh, who departed this life July 12th. 1865, aged 59.

“Also of Lucy, the beloved wife of the above, who departed this life Deer. 26th. 1879,aged 73.”

36. “In loving memory of Charles Maunder, who died at Plymtree December 22nd. 1890, aged 81 years.

“Also of Mary, wife of the above, who died at Plymtree February 25th 1869, aged 81 years.”

37. “Sacred to the memory of Mark Hartnell, who died September 9th. 1855, aged 52 years.
“Also Mary Hartnell, the beloved wife of the above, who died December 8th. 1883, aged81 years.”

38. “In loving memory of Harriet, the beloved wife of Henry Ireland, who died Deer. 28th. 1891, aged 69 years.

“Also of William Henry, son of the above, who died August 8th. 1872, aged 21 years.”

39. “In affectionate remembrance of Alfred Ireland, who died 1st March 1877, Aged 27 Years.”

(Northwest of the tower)

40. “In memory of John Hine, who died May 5th. 1867, aged 64. “Also of Thomas Hine, who died Novr. 22nd. 1879, aged 72.

“And of Ann, wife of John Hine, who died Octr. 1 lth. 1897, aged 80.”

(Now against North wall, 2012)

41 “In memory of John Lake, Who died Feb 21. 1887, Aged 92 Years “Also Elizabeth, his wife, who died Jan. 17 1861, Aged 64 Years “

42. “In Affectionate Remembrance of Jane, Wife of William Lake, Who died 29th March 1877, Aged 52.

Also of William Lake, Who died 1st March 1887, aged 66.”

(Now against North wall, 2012)

(West of Tower).
43 Massive altar tomb with illegible inscription: “Here…………. John………. “

44. “In loving remembrance of Anne, wife of Isaac Salter, who died May 24th. 1881, aged 46 years.”

45. (South of Tower). Railed vaulted tomb, said to be that of the Webber family No trace of any inscription. [The railings were removed during the Second World War]

(South of the Forde aisle).

46. “Sacred to the Memory of William Brice, who departed this Life January the 15th 1798, aged 69 years. A faithful friend, a husband dear, A tender father lieth here, My wife and children dear weep not for me, But live in peace and unity “

47. “In memory of William, the Son of William and Elizabeth Brice, who departed this Life December the 24th. 1808, Aged 9 Years. Grieve not my parents dear and weep no more, I am not lost but gone before, As I am now so must you be, Prepare………….. follow me.”

48. “In memory of Mary Brice, Who Died March 24th. 1885, aged 74 years.”

(Now against wall in SE corner.)

49. “Sacred to the memory of James Hussey, Late of Filbrook in the Parish of Butterleigh, who departed this life Septr. 2nd 1866, aged 38 years.”

(Later addition) “Also of his grandson, Gilbert, who died Feb. 23rd, aged 61 years.”

50. “William Hussey, died May 17th. 1854, aged 17 years.

Weep not for me my Parents dear, And be no longer sad; Death came with speed and seized me, When I in terror laid. And with his dart it pierced my heart, And took my life away. But pray in heaven to meet, Our Saviour to adore, To sit at Jesus’ feet, And sing his praises o’er.” (Now against North wall, 2012)

51. “In loving remembrance of Mary Ann, the beloved wife of John Baker, who died January 12th. 1882, aged 55 years.”

(Now against wall in SE corner.)

52. “Erected to the memory of Elizabeth Cook, who died August 7th. 1877, aged 71 years. Loving and beloved.

“Also John Cook, Husband of the above, who died Febry. 20th 1891, aged 72 years.”

(Now against North wall, 2012)

53. A stone, the face of which has scaled with weather and become illegible.

54. “In memory of Grace, the Wife of John Richards, who departed this life July 21st 1838, aged 46 years.”

55. “In affectionate remembrance of Diana Richards of this parish, who departed this life Deer. 7th, 1854, aged 60 years.

“Also of her beloved husband, William Richards, who departed this life July 30th 1857, aged 64 years.”

(Now against North wall, 2012)

56. “I.H.S. In loving remembrance of Henry, the beloved son of E. and C G Gale, who died October 2nd 1878, aged 14 years.”

(Now against North wall, 2012)

57 “In memory of Maria, the beloved wife of Joseph Quick, who died June 13th 1885, aged 56 years. “I go to prepare a place for you” Also of the above Joseph Quick, Parish Clerk of Plymtree for over 30 years, died November 4th 1905, aged 76. “Serve ye the Lord”

(Now against South wall by Vestry Room, 2012)

58. (Around the steps of Plymtree Cross). “To the Glory of God, and in memory of George Gilbert Gutteres, Rector of Plymtree 1892-1897, Died at Algiers 2nd March 1898, Aged 38, this cross was restored and replaced here by his mother, sisters and nephew. AD. 1898 “

B. Further monuments erected inside the Church since 1899.

59. (Within the church, on North wall of the Nave) WAR MEMORIAL “In grateful Remembrance of Pte. Harold George Franks, Kings Own Royal Regiment; (and) Sergt. A.G. Francis Stephen Knight, Royal Air Force, who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War 1939-1945. “Greater love hath no man than this.” Erected by their fellow Parishioners.”

59a. (Hymn Board). “In loving memory of Jeanne Margaret Davey 1920-1990.”

59b. (On the East wall of the Porch) “To the Glory of God and in memory of Thomas Henry Baxter, the porch of this Church was restored by his wife and children Easter 1905.”

59c (On South Wall below Harward monument.) Crux Vincit Mindum. To the memory of Charles Harward of Hayne House, great-grandson of the Very Revd Charles Harward, of Hayne House, sometime Dean of Exeter. Born 26th January 1817, died 20th July 1859. Also of Henry Blake Harward, his second son, Major 6th Royal Warwickshire Regt. Born 15th July 1845, died 23rd March 1902 at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Erected 1929 by Robert Blake Harward Major, Indian Army, only son, and May Evelyn Swan, only daughter of the above Henry Blake Harward.

59d (on tower screen doors) In loving memory of Gordon Lear and William Persey. Churchwardens of this church 1939-1946. 1947-1971. This screen was dedicated on 23rd June 1985.

59e (Brass plaque on the organ) This tablet is in memory of RIN Edwards MA. A lover of music who was the driving force behind the acquisition of this pipe organ in 1979 from Shaldon United Reformed Church. The Parish contributed over £2000. He was rector of Plymtree 1963-1981 and died here 1985.

59f (Above World War II memorial) In grateful remembrance of Dvr Samuel Bird Royal Field Artillery, Gunner Frederick Stiling, Royal Artillery, Pte Albert Grabham Durham Light Infantry, who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War 1914 1918

Note: Gunner Frederick Stiling was previously shown as Kenneth Stiling. Corrected in 2015.

59g (On board of Rectors and Priests of Plymtree) In memory of Richard E. Davey Churchwarden of this Parish 1974-1979 and 1984-1990

59h (Brass plaque on north side of screen inside the tower) Refurbishment of the Tower Bells and Clock was made possible by Elizabeth, Roger, Geoffrey and Herbert in Honour of their Parents, William and Mary Persey of Fordmore

59i (Brass plaque on south side of screen inside the tower) The refurbished bells were dedicated by the Bishop of Crediton, the Right Reverend Robert Evens on 10th April 2011

59j (Brass plaque on south side of screen inside the tower) The church clock was overhauled and automated by Peter Watkinson, clockmaker.It was rededicated on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in June 2012

B (continued)

Further monuments erected in the main churchyard since 1899

Outside the church

60. (Carved into the Lych Gate). “AD 1948. His friends and parishioners renewed this lych gate in memory of Humphrey Cedric Onslow, MA. Rector 1929-1948.”

61. (East of path to South porch). “In loving memory of Aaron Broom Pearcey of Herne, Plymtree, who passed away 27th June, 1917, aged 76 years. His end was peace. Erected by his loving wife Mary Ann.

“Also of Mary Ann, beloved wife of the above, who passed away 21st February 1921, aged 73 years.”

62. (West of path to South porch). “In loving memory of Kenneth, the beloved son of W. & A. Stiling, who passed away 30th January 1899, aged 6 months.  [Royal Artillery badge]

“Also of Frederick, brother of the above, who died a prisoner of war in Germany 6th June, 1918, aged 24 years.”

(South-west of tower).

63. “In loving memory of Frank, elder son of Humphrey and Amy Chattey, of Greenend, who was accidentally killed on 2nd June, 1938, aged 22 years.”

(Headstone smoothed and wording replaced in July 2013)

“In loving memory. Humphrey Chattey died 10th Oct. 2008 aged 89 years. Also his brother Frank who accidentally died 2nd June, 1938, aged 22 years.”

(Also memorial stone added July 2013)

“In loving memory Mavis Mary Chattey Wife of Humphrey died 31st Mar 2010 aged 86 years.”

64. “In loving memory of Mary Jane Daniel, who fell asleep December 28th, 1914, aged 53 years.”

65. “In memory of Hilda Mary (Betty), beloved youngest daughter of Arthur and Florence Daniel. Entered into rest Feb. 4th, 1945, aged 20 years “

66. “In loving memory of Thomas Hussey, who died August 17th 1909, aged 79 years.  “Also Eliza Jane Hussey, his wife, who died April 17th 1912, aged 81 years.”

(West of tower).

67. In loving memory of Albert Hussey, beloved husband of Mary Ann Hussey, who died Sept. 28th 1915, aged 42 years.

“Also of Harold, son of the above, who died Dec. 28th 1913, aged 17 months. “Also of the above Mary Ann Hussey, who died January 19th 1954, aged 76 years.”

68. “In loving memory of Sidney, only son of Frank and Ethel Daniel of Little Clyst William, who died Dec. 25th, 1945, aged 25 years “

69. “To the dear memory of Eliza, daughter of William and Eliza Jones of Kingscourt, Ireland. Born 30. May 1865. Died 13, January 1941 “

70. “In Memory of Willie James, who died 21st October 1934, aged 64 years.”

[Altar tomb, No. 43]

70. “In cherished memory of Elsie Kate, the dearly-loved wife of Charles Rosewell, who passed to rest May 6, 1942, aged 49 years.  “And of Charles, her husband, called to rest March 23, 1953, aged 63 years.” 

(There appear to be two graves numbered 70)

71. “In loving memory of Frank Sanders of Fordmoor, Plymtree, who died 6th June 1941, aged 63. And his wife, Mary Ann, who died 21st July 1949, aged 73.”

71a “In loving memory of Francis Arthur Sanders of Park House Plymtree who died aged 78 years 12th October 1998 and of his devoted wife Molly Irene Sanders who died aged 75 years 8th April 2003.”

72. “In loving memory of Thomas Henry Baxter, died 14 April 1904, aged 63.”

73. “Anthony Brian Willoughby Chamberlen, born October 14th, 1942, aged 10 days.”

74. “In loving memory of Robert Lear, who fell asleep on September 24th, 1942, aged 83 years. 

“Also of Louisa, wife of the above, who died March 2nd, 1945, aged 88 years. RIP.”

75 “In memory of Lillian Mary, daughter of Willie and Elizabeth James, beloved wife of Gordon Lear, who died 14th October 1964, aged 69 years.

“And her husband, Gordon, died 23th May 1980, aged 87 years.”

76. “In loving memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Eli James, who passed away at Rose Cottage, Plymtree, June 13th, 1904, aged 53 years.

“Also of Ann, beloved wife of Eli James, who passed away at Old Bridge, Cullompton, June 8th, 1933, aged 80 years.”

(By the West wall of churchyard).

77 “In loving memory of Herbert Willmott (Bertie), who died 12th December 1914, aged 4 years.”

78. “In memory of John Lomman. died 4 Dec 1889, aged 61″  “Ann, wife of the above John Lomman, died 4. Nov. 1902, aged 84.”

“Ada Sanders, died 28. August 1895, aged 14.”

79 “In loving memory of Thomas Taylor Lomman, who died Nov. 1st, 1919, aged 64 years “Also of Caroline, his wife, who died Sep. 21st 1927, aged 83 years.”

80. “In loving memory of our dear mother and father, Elizabeth Widgery, died March 22nd, 1934, aged 57years. James Widgery, died Sept 10th, 1938, aged 69 years.”

80a Kathleen Widgery died 29th September 1996 aged 86 years. Edward George Widgery died 1st February 1999 aged 88 years.

81 “In loving memory of Leonard W.G. Osmond, who died 3rd July, 1929, aged 11 years.”

82. “In loving memory of Henry James, who passed away August 16th, 1901, aged 61 years.
“Also of Mary, the beloved wife of the above, who passed away March 21st, 1914, aged 69 years.”

83. “In loving memory of Eva Leaworthy, died 8th Nov. 1930, aged 52.”

84. (rosebowl). “In loving memory of Grace Farnell, who died August 26, 1933, aged 78 years.”

85. (rosebowl). “In loving memory of my dear husband Edwin Widgery, died Aug. 13th,
1935, aged 60.

“Also of his wife, Mary, died Jan. 12th, 1952, aged 80.”

(Between path& North wall of churchyard).

86. “In dear memory of Frances Isabella Coe, 1933.” “Edward Coe, 1950, her husband.”  “Alice Mary Coe, 1940, his daughter.”

87. “In loving memory of my dear husband, Thomas Grabham, who fell asleep 30th Sept. 1931, aged 77 years.

“Also of Ellen, beloved wife of the above, who entered into rest January 8th, 1946, aged 86 years.”

88. “In………….. memory of Albert Grabham, Pte. Durham Light Infantry, the dearly beloved

son of Thomas and Ellen Grabham, who passed away January 10th, 1918, aged 20 years.”

89. “In memory of Ernest Potbury, who died Feb 19th, 1938, aged 60 years.  “Also his beloved wife, Mary Elizabeth, who died Dec. 14th, 1948, aged 71 years.”

(By the North wall of the churchyard).

90. “In loving memory of Harriet Churchill Lock, died 19th June, 1933, aged 77 years.  “Also in loving memory of Charles Lock, died Nov. 25th 1943.”

91 “In loving memory of William Loosemore, who died at Hooklands Nov 24th 1932, aged 82 years.

“Also of his wife, Emma Lucy, who died April 16th, 1951, aged 80 years.”

92. “In loving memory of Irene, the dearly loved and only child of William and Emma  Loosemore, who died at Hooklands, Cullompton, June 8th 1913, aged 12 years.”

93. “Edgar Hay – 14th December 1863 – 19th December 1949, Archdeacon of Barnstaple 1935-45, Rector of Plymtree 1897-1929.

“Emily Hay – 13th January 1861 – 9th February 1949, dearly beloved wife of Archdeacon Edgar Hay

“Catharine Mary Hay, 5th May 1898 – 2nd January 1922.” [At head and foot of grave: “British Red + Cross Society”]

94. “George William Oakes, elder son of Captain M.P.R. Oakes. Born 23 Dec. 1905. Died 12 July 1918.”

95. (Rosebowl). “William Cross, 4 May 1942, aged 37.” “Tom Cross 10 May 1967, aged 66” (Small slab beneath) “Cecil W.T. Cross, 26 Jan. 1922, aged 75.”

96. (Rosebowl). “Harriet Cross. 9 May 1970, aged 77.” Wilfred Cross 9 May 1970 aged 73″  “Mary Cross 22 April 1941 aged 70″  “Tom Cross 3 Oct 1950 aged 77”

96a. (Rosebowl) “Tom Cross 10 May 1967 aged 66″  “Ernest Cross 18 April 1995 aged 77”

97. (Small slab). Our dear mum, Eva Mary Pike, passed away 29 Nov. ’84, aged 66. Love & God bless you.”

98. “In loving memory of Alice Sanders, who passed away March 24th 1924, aged 44 years.
“Also of Frank Sanders, dearly beloved son of the above, who passed away Feb 23rd 1929, aged 22 years.”

99. “In memory of Ellen, daughter of Philip and Mary Prouse, who died October 1st 1914, aged 26 years.

“And her sister, Kate Prouse, who died 7th Jan. 1981, aged 88 years.”

100. In loving memory of Sarah Ann Ware, who died 9th February 1930, aged 55 years.
“Also Ben Ware, beloved husband of the above, died 2nd March 1954, aged 78 years.”

(Beneath North-western yew tree).

101. “In loving memory of George Loosemore of Hooklands, died Sept. 5, 1899, aged 81
years. Thy will be done”

102. “In loving memory of William Prouse, who died April 12th, 1906, aged 62 years.
“Also Mary, daughter of the above, who died June 15, 1876, aged 1 year.”

“Also of Sarah Ann, his wife, who died April 28, 1931, aged 78 years.  “wife of the above, died Feb. 28th, 1922, aged 69 years.”

103. “In loving memory of Philip Prouse, who fell asleep May 27, 1901, aged 46 years
“Also of Mary Alice, beloved wife of the above, died Feb. 28th, 1922, aged 69 years.”

(By the South wall)

104  “In loving memory of William Walker Morgan, who died 6th June 1913, aged 44 years
Also of Annie his wife, who died 13th November 1910, aged 47 years “

(At East end of Forde aisle)

113. Cross: -H-+ Can’t read-H-4-

(Comment by Tony Eames)

114. “Crichton Willoughby McDouall,26 July 1881-14 November 1966, Rector of Plymtree 1948 – 1953. Jessie Kentish McDouall 26 April 1900 – 11 May 1979.”

115. “Gilderoy Davison, MA. August 30th 1892 – May 9th 1954. Rector of this Parish 1954.”

(To the South-East of the Forde aisle)

116. “In ever loving memory of my dear husband, William Farnell, slept away 4th March
1956, aged 69 years. And Alice Elizabeth, his wife, passed away 23rd August 1961, aged 78

117 “In loving memory of my dear husband, John Gush, who passed away 5th October 1955, aged 65 years.

  “And Lizzie, his wife, who fell asleep 29th July 1965, aged 74 years.”

(North of the Nave)

118. “In loving memory of Maria, beloved wife of George Pine, who died at Woodbere, Plymtree, July 4th 1902, aged 55 years.”

(Cross is broken and laid flat, 2012. Repaired 2013)

119. “In loving memory of Benjamin Henry Leatt, died February 6th 1946, aged 29 years.”

120. “In loving memory of Harry Leatt, died 4th Jan. 1951, aged 67 years. And his beloved wife Annie Laura, who died 12th March 1968, aged 88 years.”

121. “In loving memory of Daisy May, the beloved wife of John Grabham, who entered into rest December 3rd 1946, aged 49 years. Also of the above John Grabham, who died October 5th 1956, aged 65 years.”

122. “In loving memory of Reuben Saunders, died October 30th 1948, aged 78 years Also of Rhona, daughter of the above, died October 25th 1954, aged 44 years.”

123. “Sacred to the memory of William H. Antell, Royal Navy, beloved husband of Lily, who fell asleep December 27th 1948, aged 68 years.”

124. “In treasured memory of Mary Melina, beloved daughter of Edwin & Annie Martin, who fell asleep April 24th 1949, aged 15 years.”

“In loving memory of Annie Alice Martin, died 8th November 1987, aged 82 years.

“Also her husband, Edwin Francis Martin, died 4th July 1993, aged 92 years.”

125. “In loving memory of a dear wife & mother, Lily Lock, who fell asleep 2nd August 1954, aged 68 years. And her husband, Frederick John, who fell asleep 13th April 1972, aged 88 years.”

126. “In loving memory of a dear husband& father, Arthur Prouse, who died 16 August 1953, aged 61 years. Also our dear mother, Olive Sally, who died 3rd August 1958, aged 66 years.”

127. “In loving memory of Frank Dymond, died 15 February 1953, aged 79 years. “And Hannah his wife, died 1st August 1957, aged 87 years.

“And of Eva, their daughter, died 1st December 1961.

“Also of Dorothy May Dymond, died 12th March 1972, aged 55 years, and Frank, her husband, re-united 21st December 1974, aged 66.

128. (Flower vase) “In memory of George Churchill, died 12th June 1952, aged 44 years.”

129. “In affectionate memory of Ernest Prouse, who passed away February 7th 1950, aged 63.

“And Phillip, brother of the above, who passed away March 6th 1963, aged 77.”

130. (Flower vase) “Leslie John Tidball, aged 2 days.”

131. “Lieut.General Sir Edmond Schreiber, KCB, DSO, DL, of Hayne, 1890 – 1972.
“And his beloved wife Phyllis, 1889 – 1977.”

132. “In loving memory of Albert Edward Broom Who died 24th June 1935. Aged 65.”

(Against south wall by Vestry Room, 2012)

133. “In Loving Memory of Richard John Pearcey who died Feb 20th 1918 age 43 years. Erected by his loving wife Janet. In death not divided.”

(Found broken into three pieces and leaning against wall in SE by Vestry Room. Added to record in 2012)

The New Churchyard – dedicated May 1957

A1“In loving memory of my beloved husband Thomas (Tom) Widgery, who fell asleep August 21st 1958, aged 59 years. Also of Gladys (Glad), beloved wife of Tom, passed away June 23 1992, aged 88 years.”
A2“In loving memory of Frank Pratt who died peacefully away July 1st 1960 aged 81 years. Resting where no shadows fall. And Beatrice Annie Pratt fell asleep June 13th 1974 aged 88 years. Rest in peace.”
A3“In ever loving memory of a most kind husband & father, John I. Churchill, who fell asleep 21st Feb. 1962, aged 79 years. And of a devoted wife & mother Emily Louisa, re-united 4th October 1967, aged 88 years “
A4(Flower vase) “In loving memory of Louisa Turner, 29th March 1962, aged 63 years.  “John Turner, 28th April 1987, aged 83 years.”
A7Amy Kathleen, 1913 – 1962, wife of Harold Lewis of Rose Cottage.”
A8(Large flower vase). “Thomas Henry Summers, 3 May 1957, aged 70.”

Replaced in 2016 by

“In loving memory of Thomas Henry Summers 3 May 1957 Aged 70 and his beloved wife Esther Harriet Summers 3 July 1979 Aged 90″
B1Mary Berkeley MacClelland, departed 17th January 1964.”
B3(Flower vase) “Herbert & Minnie Quartley.”
B4“In loving memory of a dear husband & father, Frederick John Hussey, who died 23rd October 1964, aged 72 years. Also of a dear wife & mother, Joy Evelyn, who died 29th December 1989, aged 79 years.”
B5“In loving memory of John William Trenchard Pope, who died 28th December 1964, aged 61. Also a dear wife & mother, Lucy Florence, who died 5th Feb. 1990, aged 82.”
B6“In loving memory of John Baker, who died 8th June 1965, aged 75 years. “And his wife Beatrice, re-united 28th December 1973, aged 78 years.
B7“In loving memory of Sidney George Webber, died 26 May 1967, aged 31.”
B8“In loving memory of Edward John Robinson, fell asleep June 1st 1958, aged 79.”
C2“In loving memory of Ellen (Nellie) Widgery, dear wife of Ned, died 27th May 1968, aged 76. Also of Edwin John Widgery (Ned), died 5th November 1984, aged 83.”
C5“In loving memory of William Smith, died 15th October 1969, aged 70. And his wife Olive Mary, re-united 23rd April 1976, aged 72.”
C6“In loving memory of Frank Daniel, who passed away 1st February 1970, aged 76 years.  “Also his wife Ethel Mary, died 5th October 1988, aged 92 years.”
C7“In loving memory of a dear wife & mother, Phyllis Grandfield, passed away 29th April 1970, aged 62 years.  “Also of a dear husband & father, Richard Valentine Grandfield, re-united 25th November 1981, aged 77 years.”
D1“In ever loving memory of Michael Leonard Retter, beloved second son of Archibald & Evelyn Retter, born 20th September 1951, died 6th August 1971.”
“In loving memory of Archibald Leonard Retter. Born 25-9-1916 Died 14-3-1995″
D2In loving memory of Jack Slade aged 75. Also his wife Dorothy Marion died 16th April 2001 aged 71. Forever in our thoughts.
D3(Flower vase) “In memory of Sidney Kenneth Lock, 1972.”
D4In loving memory of a dear wife and mother Margaret Pratt who died 15th September 1972 aged 57. Her life a beautiful memory, her absence a silent grief. Also her husband Gilbert who died 30th Sept. 1992 aged 83.
D5“In loving memory of Frances May Harris, who passed away 2nd October 1972, aged 62 years. Also the husband of the above, John William Harris (Jack) 1910 – 1994.”
D6“In loving memory of Florence Daniel, who died 24th March 1973, aged 88 years.  “And of her husband Arthur, who died 17 July 1973, aged 83 years.”
D7“In memory of a loving father William Peel Tillotson 5.1.1987 – 16.8.1976. Also his daughter Ann G. Arnell 21.12.1939 – 14.3.2011.” (Flower vase) “William Peel Tillotson, 16th Aug. 1976, aged 79 “
D8“In memory of Billy Clarkson, 1889 – 1977 Also his beloved wife May, 1892 – 1984 “
E1“In loving memory of Rosina May Knight, died 26th December 1976, aged 67 years also George Knight died 14th Feb 2000 aged 88 years. Reunited”
E3Samuel Sanders (Uncle Sam) died May 1979 aged 84 years.
E4(Flower vase) “In loving memory of Doris Salter, died 23 April 1981.”
E5“In loving memory of Francis William Clarke, who passed away 6th December 1981,  aged 64 years.”
E6Ann Jessie Holman, beloved wife & mother, 7th December 1907 to 25th September 1982.”
E7Susan Jane Tancock, 4-2-1960 to 20-5-1983, beloved wife, dearest mother of James, treasured daughter.”
(Behind E7) “Ronald T Stubbington  15.10.1928 – 1.6.2017  Also beloved Wife Dorothea 9.7.1933 – 3.3.2001 Reunited”
F1“In memory of a loving husband, father & grandad, William James Cleal, died 11th March 1986, aged 85 years. Also of a dearest wife mother gran and great-gran Evelyn Florence Cleal died 28th February 1998 aged 91 years. For ever in our thoughts.”
F2In ever loving memory of Elizabeth Sambrook loving wife fell asleep 7th April 1986 aged 73 years also her husband Ernest John Sambrook died 1994 aged 86 years.
F3(Flower vase) “In loving memory of Elsie May Pratt, 30th April 1986, aged 81 years.”
F4“In loving memory of Henry Roy Bowden, who passed away 20th March 1988, aged 76. And his beloved wife Phyllis May Bowden who passed away 17th June 2007 aged 89.”
F5Treasured memories of Ian Shippam Hudson. A loving husband, dad and grandad 26th Dec. 1988 aged 62. He strove for perfection. And Margaret Elizabeth a beloved wife, mother and grandmother 14th July 1994 aged 77
F6Our son Dean Frederick Baker died 7.4.1989 aged 23 years. Sleep peacefully. We love you.
F7Margaret Mercer died 12th June 2001 aged 62 years. Wife to Christopher. Mum to Sharon, Gavin, Kerry and James. Also a proud Nanny. Daughter of Miles and Gwen Tidball.
F7“In loving memory of Miles Edward Tidball died 4th October 1990 aged 70 years.  Also his wife Gwendoline Tidball  died 13th March 2017 aged 93 years  Reunited.”
G1“In memory of Stanley Joe Franks, 1913 – 1992. Also Frances 1928-2013″
G2Louise Suzanne Puddicombe. 22nd May 1993. “A little flower who had no chance to bloom”
G4In ever loving memory of a dear husband dad and grandad Dacre John Tidball who passed away 29th November 1993 aged 78 years. Also a loving & caring wife mum, gran & great-gran Ada (Dolly) Tidball who passed away 23rd May 2017 aged 97 years. At rest. Reunited.” 
G5In loving memory of Cyril (Ike) Daniel who passed away 9th July 1994 aged 73 years.
G7(Flower vase) In loving memory
G8“In loving memory of my dear husband Claude Tronlin, died 30th March 1974, aged 57.  R.I.P. Molly Tronlin. Died 13th January 2009. Aged 90. Reunited with Claude”
H1In loving memory of Thomas William Tidball who died 29th July 1997 aged 84 years.
H2In loving memory of my dear brother Roy John Parsons who died 6th October 1998 aged 64 years.
H3Treasured  memories of Bill Broom of Dane’s Mill who died 25th May 1999 aged 83 years and his beloved wife Marjorie Ellen Broom who died 1st May 2004 aged 86 years. Reunited.
H4In loving memory of Herbert Ernest Minifie died 4th January 2002 aged 90 also Herbert John Minifie “John” died 24th February 2006 aged 63. Always in our thoughts.
H5In loving memory of a dear wife, mum and gran Doris May Daniel who passed away 4th February 2003 aged 85 years.
H6In loving memory of Sheila Helen Wylie 2.1.1943 – 12.6.2003. Light of our lives. Shine on Sheila.
H7Be still in the presence of the Lord. In memory of my dearest husband, beloved father and grandfather Richard Ernest Davey. Born 23rd May 1922. Died 7th September 2003.
I2Treasured memories of Mark John Cornish 23.11.1961 – 4.5.2004. Taken from us suddenly aged 42. Loving son of John & Jean. Brother of Gary & Angie. Proud Father of Luke. Sadly missed by all his friends.
I3Treasured memories of Reginald John Baker (Reg) who died 26th October 2005 aged 85 years.
I4In loving memory of Barbara Joyce Batten who died 20th November 2005 aged 79 years also her dear husband Percival Walter Batten who died 15th August 2008 aged 90 years. Beloved parents and grandparents. Sadly missed.
I5In loving memory of Francis John Tancock “Dixie” who passed away 8th February 2006 aged 78 years.
I6In memory of Jean Annette Lock who passed away 19th February 2006 aged 59 years. The Lord’s my shepherd.
K2Treasured Memories Of A Loving Husband Dad And Grandad John Grabham Hussey Passed Peacefully Away 10th February 2015 Aged 79 Years Born And Lived in Plymtree
K3Cherished memories of Philip William Tucker  A beloved husband, dad and grandad  Peacefully passed away 23rd June 2016 aged 79 years  You will never be forgotten 
K8“In loving memory of Frank Salter, Bessie Salter, re-united 1989. And their son Ronald Salter 1924-2000.”

Cremation memorials along the western side of east path starting next to the church.

1. “In loving memory of William Persey, who died 22nd September 1983, aged 70 years.”    Replaced in 2012;
“In loving memory of William Persey of Fordmore 3.10.1912 – 22.9.1983 and his wife Mary (Née Lucas) 17.3.1918 – 16.7.2012”
2. “In loving memory of my dearest husband Dennis George Arbery, died 12th June 1985 and Joan Dorothy Arbery our beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother died 29th July 2018.  Bothnsadly missed.”
3. “In loving memory of William Thomas Daniel, 31st March 1914 – 20th August 1986 and Flora Kathleen Emma Daniel 28th July 1914 – 10th July 1998. Beloved of their family”
3a.“In loving memory of Patricia Ann Buckland (Nee Daniel) 2nd January 1942 – 16th May 2014   Now at peace”
4. “In loving memory of Lewis Clarke, died 2nd January 1988, aged 66 years also his wife Prue Clarke who died 12th February 2009 aged 83 years.”
5. Ann Biggs, died 3rd March 1989, aged 73 years.”
6. “In loving memory of Percy Albert Hill, died 10th September 1989, aged 75 year and his wife Winsome Mary Hill died 7th November 2006 aged 91 years. RIP.”
7. “In loving memory of Michael John Palfrey, who died on 10th January 1993, aged 56.”
8. “In loving memory of Dorothy Joy Barnett, died 22 December 1992, aged 69 years and her husband Frederick died 4th November 2003 aged 80 years. RIP”
9. “In loving memory of Sylvia Ann Carter who died 6th August 1994 aged 55 years. All is well.”
10. “In loving memory of Hilda Salome French passed away 9th September 1994. Also her husband Henry James French passed away 30th January 1995 aged 83 years. Reunited.”
11. “In loving memory of Derek Brian Gleeson dearly beloved husband and father who died 14th December 1995 aged 68 years. Alive in our hearts for ever.”
12. “In loving memory Clive Henry Noad died 8th March 1997. ‘God is love’ Also Barbara Mary Noad died 3rd December 2006 aged 83 years.”
13. “In loving memory of Margaret Edith Gibbins who died 16th December 1998 aged 87 years. Gone but not forgotten. Also Martin Gibbins who died 6th April 2000 aged 88 years. Reunited.”
14. “In loving memory of Diana Huyshe Cook who died 6th January 2000 aged 86 years.”
15. “In loving memory of Norman Lewis Grundy. CEng MICE MIWEN 1935 – 2004 Remembered with a smile.”
16. Ivy M. Grabham 1911 – 2002”
17. “In memory of Jane Frances Liston born 28th June 1914 died 13th September 2008. Dearly loved by her family.”
18. “In loving memory of Anthony John Eames. April 26th 1937 July 28th 2006. Much loved. Much missed.  And Anne Margaret Eames June 2nd 1941 August 17th 2014.  Beautiful wife, mother, nana and farmor.  Together forever. 
19. “Treasured memories of Clifford George Jones 13.1.1930 – 15.8.2010”
20. Norman George Harris. Died 16.02.2012. Aged 90”
21. “In loving memory of Eileen Price 6.12.1946 – 17.12.2012. A much loved wife, mother and grandmother”
22. “In memory of Bernard John Pike 3.4.1940-13.8.2013 Loving Husband, Father, Grandad & Brother. Time may pass and fade away but in our hearts you will always stay”
23. “In loving memoryof Ann Margaret Matthews. Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. 6th November 1937 6th November 2013. “Though you are absent you are always near still loved, still missed and very dear”
24. “In memory of Dennis Leslie Cooper-Jones O.B.E. (89 years) and Pamela Ann née Morgan (83 years) Who died in 2013, after many happy years living at Perhams Green Farm”
Karen J Ball  5.5.62 – 27.8.15   Much loved Mother, Grandmother, Wife and Daughter   Forever in our hearts
Brian Peter Michael Maynard-Smith 27.21937 – 27.2.2016 Rest in Peace”

Along path towards Church porch
In loving memory of Jenny Roberts 14.2.1950 – 14.4.2017
A devoted Wife, Mum & Nannie  Her life was a shining example to us all”