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Churchyard Guidelines

The churchyard is maintained taking into account the Guidelines of the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.

These guidelines regulate:

  • Procedure for the introduction of memorials.  (How to go about having a memorial)
  • Headstones and bases. (The size and types of memorials which are allowed)
  • Materials.  (The types of stones and colours which are permitted)
  • Crosses, sculpture and other statuary
  • Designs.  (The permitted shapes of memorials)
  • Epitaphs. (The wording and the styles of writing which are permitted)
  • Flowers and maintenance

Any fees relating to the churchyard will comply with the Table of Parochial Fees which is displayed in the church porch or at  All parishioners, non-parishioners whose names appear on the Church Electoral Roll, and non-residents who die in the parish, have a legal right to burial in the churchyard. For the burial of other non-parishioners the permission of the Incumbent and Churchwardens is required. The fee for the burial of a non-parishioner may be higher than that for a parishioner.

The churchyard is maintained by the PCC, however the families of those with monuments in the churchyard are encouraged to maintain them in a neat and tidy manner.  On occasions where a monument presents an issue relating to safety, the families might be responsible for the repair or maintenance.  If a third party or contractor is asked to carry out any maintenance the churchwardens should be informed in order to monitor their activities and security.

Unless a burial takes place in an already existing plot, any burial will normally be in the next available plot as decided by the PCC.  It is not possible to specify or to reserve a particular location.

If flowers or plants are placed on a grave it is appropriate for them to be cared for and to be removed when they have faded.  They will be removed if the PCC considers they are no longer fit for purpose.  There is a basket for unwanted flowers/plants.  Artificial flowers/plants are not encouraged.  Glass or china vases should not be used.

Please respect the character of the churchyard as a place of memorial.  It is also an environmental haven.  Chemicals and insecticides are not encouraged.  Lichens, mosses and wild flowers are allowed to thrive where possible.

From time to time working parties are organised to care for the churchyard.  All parishioners are welcome to help on these occasions.

Please contact the Priest or one of the churchwardens if you have any questions about the churchyard.  

Alan Barnett and Bill Luttman (Churchwardens)